Superhero Statement – They Are Real!

This little blog of mine is a collection of all the good things in life. And what could be better than superheroes with super powers? I’m about to prove to you that superheroes are real.

Here are a group of children’s hospital window washers dressed up as superheroes for the sheer purpose of making a child’s day. Take a look:

See? I told you. Superheroes are real. Their super power is spreading joy. It’s a pretty great power, if I do say so myself. What a good reminder that we all have that power within us, as well.

And yourself? Have you spotted any superheroes lately?

Until next time!



  1. I love these window washers! and i agree – spreading joy is a worthy of superhero status :)

    • Hi Kimmy,

      I love them, too! I’ve watched that clip an embarrassing number of times. It just reminds you of how “powerful” an act of kindness is!



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