The Smile List- Good as Gold

It all started last week. A coworker came to a meeting with gold nail polish. Every time she moved her hand, all I could see was the gorgeous gold. It was captivating. So last weekend, I went and got myself a gold manicure, too. Oh so pretty. And this weekend, I went gold round 2.

Now I find myself stopping to take note whenever I happen by a gold object. In Stacey-land, gold is in. I stop, I stare and I smile. Smile with me:


1. Lusting after this wallpaper from Oh Joy! For years. One day, when I’m not renting a studio apartment, I will cover my wall in it. Until then, it can continue to overtake my pinterest feed.

2. And wouldn’t this LOVE print look ah-mazing on that wall paper? They don’t come as a packaged deal, but they should.

3. I admit it: I’ve purchased not one, not two, but three knock-off versions of this watch. And #3 just broke. It might be time to bite the bullet and actually purchase the real thing. A guy-sized watch on a girl’s wrist is exactly the right kind of handsome. You know, the pretty kind.

4. This is the nail polish. And it’s named “Good as Gold.” Indeed it is!

5. I love how the gold pops off this crystal necklace.

6. This is a makeup pouch for your purse. I love that it’s shiny enough to find in the big black hole of the purse that I carry. And I can’t wait to use it on it’s own as a clutch, too. Imagine it with a flowing sundress and some gold sandals. Shimmery perfection!

7. My bedside table needs this phone. It’s the kind that plugs into your cell phone. And it’s all kinds of awesome.

8. Nesting bowls. I know food belongs in bowls, but in my studio apartment everything has to multi-purpose. I’m picturing one in the bathroom with cotton balls, one on my nightstand with that day’s jewelry, one on my counter for the mail and one for… good luck! What would you put in yours?

9. These pig bookends were on my Holiday 2012 wish list. I got lots of amazing presents, but alas, no little piggies came home to live with me. So consider these transplanted to my birthday wish list. May 29th.

10. Gold flatware. Oh, the decadence.

11. Gold rimmed water glasses. I’m picturing this with the kind of ice cubes where they’ve frozen edible flowers in the middle. It would look Domino magazine photo-shoot-styled beautiful.

And the ultimate in Gold: the Golden Girls’ theme song. Feel free to sing along as loud as you like:

And you? What color nail polish are you wearing these days? Does one item send you down a whole “I’m obsessed with this color” path, too? And are you also perpetually making birthday wish lists?

Until next time!



  1. I LOVE that wallpaper, I’ve seen it around and it always look so great up. I also have an obsession with gold….I actually just gilded some eggs for easter in gold this weekend….can’t get enough.

    • Hi Kelly!

      I saw on the website that the wallpaper will be made as “removable” soon! I can’t wait. Then I will definitely get some!

      Can’t wait to see your gold gilded eggs!


  2. I love the oh joy! wallpaper!!!! Gold is always good!

    • Hi Jacqueline!

      I couldn’t agree more- gold is always good! And the wallpaper…I just read on the website that it will be offered in the removable variety soon. I will definitely have to check that out!


  3. The wallpaper, the Love print and the phone are my favorites!
    Removable wallpaper…that would be great!


    • Hi Adri,

      I know! My fingers are crossed on the removable wallpaper! I’ve loved that print since it’s debuted!


  4. Such fun picks… I have the J.Crew necklace and love it!!

    • Hi Grace,

      Thanks so much! I’ve been lusting after that J.Crew necklace!

      I have to admit a bit of glee at seeing that you’ve commented on my blog, I’ve long admired yours and was just giddy when I saw that you had looked at mine. Thank you!


  5. Gold flatware…mmmm….I love it and I want it now 😉
    xoxox, Wioleta

  6. I’m loving gold right now too. I will have to check out the Essie nail polish. I love their colors. I also love the pig bookends, very whimsical.

    • Hi Dawn,

      The nail polish looks great on! It really is good as gold!

      I have to admit, I love looking at the names of the colors! Essie does that so well!


  7. ADORE bits of gold around the house, an particularly like those bowls and flatware. Love your blog, the layout is lovely and clean. Holly

  8. Hi Stacey,
    Love your gold inspiration board. I was in a charcoal kind of mood, but now I’m brightening up and going gold. I love the gold-rimmed glass and gold flatware. Yes, it’s decadent, but oh, so lovely. Thanks for the inspiration.


    • Hi Allyson,

      Thanks so much! I was also very taken with the gold flatware! I keep thinking it would be a great way to fancy up an average Tuesday!


  9. Hi Stacey!

    Visiting from BYW and after you kindly found me first;)

    What a FAB blog! Totally my scene! Love love love it all and will admit that I DID sing along to the Golden Girls Song;)

    Tam x

    • Hi Tam,

      Glad I’m not the only one who sings along to the Golden Girls theme song! :)

      Thanks so much for visiting and checking out my blog!


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