The Smile List – ‘Book’ An Escape

Lately, my Facebook and Instagram feeds have been filled with pictures of spring breaks in tropical locations. The sand, the surf, the sunsets. I stare longingly at the pictures and pretend that I’m there, too. My favorite type of vacation involves a lakeside, poolside, or ocean-side lounge chair, lots of sunshine, my Kindle and an iced coffee. The mere thought of lounging around and pouring through books is just heavenly.

I won’t be packing a beach bag and escaping to warmer weather this winter. But, were I to be ‘booking’ an escape, here’s the reading list I would smile over tossing in my beach bag:


I already own Young House Love, One Last Thing Before I Go, The Forgotten, The Racketeer, and Grace: A Memoir. Baldacci (The Forgotten), Grisham (The Racketeer), Tropper (One Last Thing Before I Go) and Young House Love (I read every post!) are some of my very favorite authors. I never miss anything they write. And as I mentioned in my first ever blog post, I’ve also been dying to read Grace Coddington’s memoir. Sadly, I haven’t had time to read them, yet. But I plan on devouring them soon. Very soon.

I also notice I keep going to add the same books over and over again to my Amazon wish list (only to find out I’ve already added them). Those books are: Wild, Tiny Beautiful Things, The Brave, Lean In, Stitched Gifts, and last but not least, A Working Theory of Love. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any new books until I read the ones I’ve already purchased. I’m trying to be budget-conscious, but it’s killing me! I promise you though, dear readers, that these books will be purchased as soon as, you know, I read the ones I already own.

Oh! And I never read outside without sunscreen and sunglasses, the latter of which I’ve been lusting after since Coach announced their release.

And can you believe that gorgeous beach bag is for J.Crew kids? I think it’s sophisticated enough for an adult. Or at least this woman, who is 31.

And you? What books are you escaping with? What qualifies as a great vacation in your book (pun intended)?

Until next time!


P.S. Note that this Smile List is coming at you on Friday, instead of Sunday. I had been posting on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday; but, I decided to play around with that and to instead try posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ll be back Monday with a new post and experiment with how this posting schedule switch works.


  1. Super cute bag!!

  2. I’ve got Wild on my kindle, but I’m like you and have a huge stack of books I haven’t read. I read or hear about books and buy them, but then I never have the time to read them. I just read a review about Lean In (sounds interesting) My book club is reading Middlesex which I need to start soon. I love books and magazines and now blogs.

    • Hi Dawn!

      I hear you! My Kindle is loaded. Most of my time right now seems to be spent reading blogs. But I’m not complaining- I’m loving it! You’ll have to let me know how you like Middlesex, that’s another one I keep picking up and putting back down when book shopping.

      I’m very interested in Lean In- I have no idea how I feel about it all, but I’m curious to hear her take.

      Hope you had an amazing weekend!



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