Organized Oasis – Controlling Cord Clutter

Recently, I upgraded to the ultimate trifecta: iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro. Not to mention, I also owned an iPod Nano and an iPod shuffle. I’m particularly fond of the iPod shuffle because it houses my workout playlist and I love that it easily clips on for a run.

Apparently, I’m a big Apple fan. I love their products. A lot. They are well-designed and easy-to-use.

I have only one complaint. All these electronics require an awful lot of cords. Imagine my dismay when I was cleaning up and my table looked like this:


The only thing pretty about that picture was the flowers. I needed some way to corral the clutter.

As a girl who lives in a tiny amazing New York City studio apartment, every surface needs to multi-task. There is no desk. There are simply multiple table tops that get used as a side table, an eating table, a desk, a spot to place mail… The list is endless. And I’m at my most-zen and happiest when the surfaces have a minimalist vibe and everything is put away and neatly stored.

Not only did I want to put away the cords, but I also wanted a storage spot that allowed me to easily grab the right cord when it was time to charge a device.

So I turned to my good friend, Amazon, and that’s when I found her. Ms. A-ha! I bought myself this hanging jewelry travel bag. I loaded her up with all my cords and both my iPods:


{Please forgive the poor lighting. I still haven’t figured out how to do a good job photographing see-through items. But you get the idea.}

Isn’t she perfect? The angels of organization started singing “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” in the most beautiful of melodies once she was loaded and ready to store. Success!

My tabletop was cleaned off and back to being an oasis. My cords were sorted and easily accessible hanging in my closet. I had found my zen.

I also purchased an extra long iPhone 5 cable, solving my problem of being able to reach my charging phone to my nightstand. Ten feet of cord perfection! I love when Amazon comes to the rescue.

And you? How do you store all the chargers for your electronics? Do you find your zen place when everything has its place?

Until next time!



  1. This is brilliant, Stacey!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks so much! I was SO relieved to get the cords cleaned up!


  2. Stacey,
    What a great idea! I have a clear over the door shoe bin that stores misc. things from the house that I love. I am a faithful apple gal to and have the same issue with all the cords. I think this is a nice solution! Thanks for sharing. Cheery smiles your way…Laura

    • Hi Laura!

      Thanks so much! I knew I had to figure something out, cords everywhere was too much for me!

      I also have an over door shoe bin with everything in it, too! I think it’s all about novel uses for practical items :)

      Hope you’re having an amazing week!


  3. Love that solution. It looks so organized and accessible.

    • Hi Katja!

      Yes, organized and accessible. It was such a relief to have it cleaned up and put away!


  4. I love this idea. I actually bought a product similar to this for organizing your cords that I saw on Real Simple’s website. The jewlery organizer I’m sure was much cheaper. Very clever!

    • Hi Dawn,

      Thanks so much! It was $13 (if memory serves) and worth every single penny!


  5. Such a great idea! I’m using this one Stace! Thanks for the hot tips :)

  6. wait that’s BRILLIANT! definitely something I need – and I can label each pocket, which will be a huge help when I’m scrambling for my UK chargers at the 11th hour!

    • Hi Betsy!

      Oooooo! I should bust out my label maker, too! Good call!! It turned out to be the perfect solution for a studio apartment- so I’m glad you like it!


  7. You are my inspiration! And I so badly need an extra long iphone 5 cable. Why are they so short?!

    • Hi Jaime!

      Aww, thanks! I think they are so short to encourage you not to use your iPhone in bed. Which may be the healthier alternative. Instead, I just ordered myself a longer cord… Oh well! 😉


  8. Yes, my problem is always finding the right place for stuff AND then remembering that right place was 1 week or 2 months later…

    Great idea! I probably have just as many cords but they are all strewn about for easy access. 1 in – the bedroom, living room, travel bag, parent’s house, and both office locations.

    • Hi Marc!

      Perhaps knowing where you left it is the difference between a house and a studio apartment? I feel I look at every single thing I own all the time!! :)

      I’ve gotten about a cord a day out of this bag, so it’s been perfect for me!! Let me know if you try it out!



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