Superhero Statement – Look for the Helpers

During a crisis, Twitter curates news quickly enough to keep up with my urge for more information. With the tragedy of the Boston Marathon, I spent Monday refreshing my twitter feed in search of updates. It all seemed so senseless, I didn’t realize how heavy hearted I had become. While reflecting on the wisdom of Fred Rogers, I experienced noticeable relief.


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My Superhero Statement Column was created to honor those ordinary people who take extraordinary measures to make this world a better place. While there were countless heroes in Boston on Monday, I felt it was only appropriate to honor but a few of those hero helpers here today.


The first responders that never hesitate to run into danger.

The U.S. Army soldiers who ran the race and then also ran back into the fire to help others.

The man in the cowboy hat who attended the marathon to honor his sons and provided aid to many others.

The Boston resident offering orange juice and a bathroom.

The Chicago tribune reminded us that a true sportsman understands the ties that hold us together.

Joe Andruzzi, the former New England Patriot, wouldn’t share his personal story, to allow the heroism of first responders to shine.

Marathon runners crossed the finish line and then ran to the hospital to donate blood.

News outlets were able to create lists of heroes, including the list of those opening their homes to those in need.

And this reminder to have faith in human nature: that there were more volunteers than good deeds to be done.

Thank you, dear heroes and super helpers, for reminding me that even in the face of evil, we are surrounded by good. I have great faith in human nature. In the wake of this tragedy, may we all find some peace. I hope that you and all your loved ones are safe.



  1. I have always loved that Mr.Rogers quote. Definitely something to hold onto when the world seems so dark.

  2. What a great post! That’s the thing about tragedy…it can often bring out the best in people and show us how great human beings can be.

  3. Such a touching post Stacey. Sending our love and thoughts to Boston from Australia X

  4. One of the things that I thought was incredible was the list of people that signed up to open their home to stranded people.
    Just when you question your faith and trust in society, you have these people posting their contact information for the world to see offering up their homes.
    THAT is a show of faith and trust in mankind.

    • Hi Marc,

      Incredibly well said. It really was an extraordinary show of faith and trust in mankind.


  5. I loved Mr. Rogers and I’m old enough that I grew up watching his show. He had such a calming voice. I love this quote and how you tied it in with all of the helpers at the Boston Marathon. It’s a great example of light shinning through the darkness.


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