Organized Oasis – Storing K-Cups

I like things to be neat and look pretty. I have a low tolerance for clutter, as evidenced here with my charging cords.

I would also liken living in a tiny amazing New York City studio apartment to constantly playing a game of Tetris. Everything has to fit just so or it builds up and you lose the battle in a fit of disorganized frustration.

While I was loving that I now make the perfect cup of coffee, I possibly had a bit of a fit of disorganized frustration when I spilled water on my counter, soaking the box of k-cups. I thought emptying the box onto a plate might help with the mess. But, alas, I was mistaken. I merely ended up a pile of similar items and still had more boxes:


I thought they might look better in an empty fish bowl:


I quickly realized that it would annoy me that I couldn’t easily read the label on the k-cup. I also disliked the look of the k-cups through the glass. So that plan didn’t work.

I needed something to store them inside. I came across this Better Homes & Gardens image and was obsessed with finding the aluminum storage:



It turns out that those are old Ikea bins that Ikea no longer makes. Womp Womp. Sad Trombone.

I did what a gal does, I turned to my good friend, Amazon. And I found these cake pans perfect aluminum storage bins. I loaded them up with my K-Cups like this:


And like that:


I cleaned up the shelf above my kitchen counter.


And whoa-la! Organized perfection!


The top bin has the flavors I use most frequently and the bottom bin has flavors for company. Easy peasy solution! And I’m obsessed with how clean and perfect it looks! I’m so much happier when small clutter is put away and stored neatly. It’s all zen to me.

And you? Do you prefer things to be organized and out of sight or do you like things where you can see them? How do you store your k-cups?

Until next time!



  1. I love the aluminum bins. I store my k-cups in a carousel specifically made for them. I think I bought it at Target. It holds 30 cups. I leave it sitting by my coffee machine and I store the extras in a wicker basket in my cabinet. They also sell drawers to store k-cups and they fit nicely under the machine.

    • Hi Dawn!

      Thanks so much re: the aluminum bins. I spent about an hour googling k-cup storage and loved the carousel. But, I have very limited counter space in my studio apartment, so I was eager to find something that could sit well on the shelf. It was also a really good impetus to beautify that shelf. A win-win!!

      I’m still looking for the blueberry coffee that you mentioned in a few posts. I haven’t found it yet, but I’m on the hunt!


  2. What a great solution! NIce and clean and neatly stored!

  3. That is such a great idea Stacey! And guess what: I have a few of these tin bins from Ikea – I store my pencils and paint in them. I really had to think hard about your last question if I’m a girl who likes to keep everything by hand or away and organized. I’m guessing the first, although it looks so much more pretty when everything is neatly organized and out of the way. But close to my grabbing hand is also practical, especially in the kitchen… 😉 Gosh, I could take an example from you, you’re so perfectly organized, I could learn a lot from you!
    Have a great week!!
    Hug, Inge x

    • Hi Inge,

      Oh my goodness!! You have the Ikea bins? I’m so excited for you! I searched high and low for them, but alas, they are no longer in production. It’s so funny you mention that you had to think about whether you would prefer everything close on hand or away and organized. I wonder if it isn’t a function of how and where we live? I live in a tiny studio apartment and have about 3 feet (maximum!) of counter space. So I try to keep everything put away so there is room on the counter to do other things. I wonder if I had more space, if I wouldn’t like it out on top more. Who knows? But for now, I’m definitely happiest when everything is put away and neatly organized :)

      Hope you are having a nice week! It’s so great to hear from you!


  4. I swear I read your blog for more than coffee-related reasons, but those are always the posts I end up commenting on! Anyway, I love your solution! I actually have those IKEA bins – first they were in the office for art supplies and now they’re in my kitchen for gadgets that aren’t used that often. Crazy they don’t make them anymore – sometimes IKEA just does that! :)

    • Hi Kristen!

      I love that you read my blog and comment solely on coffee discussions! I think we’re kindred spirits. Coffee is just so comforting!! Meanwhile…I’m so excited for you that you have those IKEA bins! Keep them forever :)