The Smile List – Sunshine or Bust

An amazing thing happened this past Saturday. I was catching up with my oldest and dearest friend, T. (this T.), and we were daydreaming about taking a girl’s trip to some sunshine. We kept talking about how amazing it would be to sit by a pool reading and to dine over dinner. The kind of long, leisurely dinners that are filled to the brim with girl talk.

One of us said, “are you free next weekend?” at the same moment the other said, “what’s your budget?” Suddenly, I knew. We weren’t daydreaming. We jumped on google and booked a trip to Fort Lauderdale. The entire conversation, including booking the flight and the hotel, took thirty minutes. Spontaneity, for the win.

We leave tomorrow morning.

Once the trip was booked, the real daydreaming began. I’m counting down the minutes until I’m lying poolside with my Kindle and an iced coffee. I want to escape into a good book and flip through magazines imagining my summer wardrobe. And the ability to spend the weekend chatting with one of my best girlfriends?! Ah-mazing. Capital A.

Even better, I realized I will come back from the trip and begin two days of Blogshop, a Photoshop class for bloggers. Serendipitously, I lined up my calendar for five perfect days in a row. Sheer Stacey Satisfaction!

Since I’m smiling over a weekend of sunshine, today’s Smile List is focused on my perfect pool side carry-on. I will pack a carry-on full of items just like these:


To wear: hat, sunglasses, hair ties, beach cover-up, bracelets and sandals. And sunscreen. Don’t worry Mom, I’ll wear lots and lots of sunscreen.

And in my beach bag: the ultimate in pool side reading. Elle with Kerry Washington on the cover (love her)! The Best of Us, the new Sarah Pekkanen book about a group of old college girlfriends back together again. I’ve read all of her books and think she does an amazing job depicting relationships. In fact, I even imagined the plot to this book in Wednesday’s post. And the lastest Grisham (The Racketeer), because, let’s be honest, who can resist a thriller?

Travel essentials packed and covered. Bring on the Sunshine! Capital S.

And you? What is a must-have for your beach bag? Have you ever spontaneously booked a weekend away?

Until next time!


Postscript: Joy reminded me on Wednesday that I have Wild on my Kindle, too. Hoping to read that, as well!


  1. Have a fun trip! I’ve been wanting to read that John Grisham book, so you’ll have to let me know how it is!

    • Hi Kelly!

      Thanks so much! I will definitely let you know what I think of the Grisham book! He’s one of my favorite authors, I think he’s a phenomenal storyteller. Have you ever read David Baldacci? I think they are equally as good!


  2. Oh My Goodness! So much fun! Hope you have a great trip and the weather is perfection!

    • Hi Kimmy!

      From your mouth… :) Weather report looks good, so I’m thrilled! Hope you have an amazing weekend, as well!


  3. I love the spontaneity! Have a wonderful time!

    • Thanks so much, Allyssa! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too.

      On another note, I’m still thinking about the finale from last night’s Scandal. Her Dad ordered that lady to kill her in her apartment. Right? Scary strange. I was so caught off guard by the word “Dad” that I didn’t really process it. YIKES!!!

      • You’re right! Although I don’t think we ever heard him say that… it was only Jake’s word. I feel like I need to rewatch episodes to remember exactly what went on!

        • Oh! Good point. He said, “bring me Olivia Pope,” I think. I think I should re-watch again, too. I guess that is what the summer is for?! Have a great weekend.


  4. Have a great trip full of sunshine, relaxation, reading and friendship. Sounds perfect! I can’t wait to hear about Blogshop too!

    • Hi Dawn!

      Thanks so much! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too. And you can definitely count on a post on Blogshop,soon!


  5. Have so much fun this weekend. I have to admit the idea of laying in sun reading all weekend sounds like heaven. You will have post about Blogshop for sure. I am interested in a big way. Photoshop and me are not the greatest friends only because I don’t take the time to learn it right. I look forward to hearing about your trip.

    • Hi Kira,

      I will definitely post about Blogshop! And the trip was fantastic. We laid by the pool and read almost all day. And then went out for three-hour dinners and chatted. It was sheer perfection! I hope you get the chance for a poolside reading weekend, soon! And hope you had a great weekend, as well!


  6. LOVE that beach bag? but could I use it all the time everywhere please? haha!

    That trip sounds amazing. I wish I could do something like that too, but with Charlie… well, spontaneity is going to be us taking a long walk to a breakfast place this morning and making sure we get a table outside (so he doesn’t have to be tied up) instead of just going to the dog park! Have the best time :)

    • Hi Betsy!

      I’m obsessed with that beach bag! And I definitely think it could be a great everyday bag, too!

      I hope you and Charlie had a great spontaneous brunch this weekend!!



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