The Smile List – Take Me To The Beach

I will be spending the long weekend with my family at the beach house. I’m thrilled!

My perfect “beach” weekend is always spent on a lounge chair in the backyard, next to the pool. A stack of magazines is piled high at the end of my chair and there is usually an iced coffee by my side. A hint of coconut sunscreen wafts through the air. You start singing the Beach Boys to yourself: Aruba, Jamaica, Oooo… I wanna take ya!

In the afternoon, I will throw on my cover-up and head to town for ice cream. And perhaps a stroll on the real beach.

When I imagine my perfect outfit, it looks just like this:


The bathing suit is the base of the outfit. There is the requisite cover-up and sandals, as well. How amazing is the shape of that cover-up? I love anything that cinches at the waist, it makes it all appear a bit skinnier. And the grecian sandals?! Ah-mazing! The sunglasses make reading the Kindle a breeze. My Kindle is obviously stored in that gorgeous whale tote. And best of all, it is easily dressed up for dinner by slipping on that stunning necklace. Whoa-la! A perfect day at the beach!

And you? What does your perfect beach outfit look like? What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Happy holiday weekend!

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Until next time!


Postscript – Kim, remember how you suggested a bathing suit post in this comment section and I was all “bathing suits make me nervous”?!?! They still make me nervous, but since wearing one poolside is preferable if you want to swim, I included one. When I placed it on the mood board, I kept thinking this was in your honor. Happy weekend!


  1. Great roundup! Loving that one piece!

    • Hi Jessica!

      Thanks so much!! Anthropologie had AMAZING one piece bathing suits in their entire collection- or so I noted last night when I was making this mood board :)

      Have an amazing weekend!


  2. So cute!!! Hope you have a great weekend love!!!

  3. Could that bathing suit be any more fabulous?! I love the navy base with the colorful flowers. Have a wonderful weekend Stacey!

    • Right?! I was all set not to buy a bathing suit this summer since last summer’s was still in great shape (which was such a relief), but I am now thinking about ordering that one just to see…??

      Hope you have an amazing weekend, Allyssa!


  4. I want the whole outfit! Especially the cover up :)

  5. Seriously in love with that swimsuit!

    • Hi Kristin!

      Right? It felt like A FIND! Meanwhile, while I was perusing anthropologies site…I was impressed with their entire swimsuit line. Definitely worth checking out!

      Hope you have an amazing weekend!


  6. Sounds heavenly. I’m so jealous! Have a wonderful weekend at the beach! What a fun beach bag!

    • Hi Dawn!

      Hope you have an amazing long weekend! I thought the beach bag was great, too!


  7. Hello Stacey!
    I’m so jealous of your weekend plans. Beach and magazines? Dreamland!! I also love catching up on tabloid gossips on long weekends like this so I just might do that as well.
    Love that dress!!! I agree that cinched waist dresses are the ultimate flattering things ever!!1
    Have fun !!!

    Please check out some of my looks on!!

    • Hi Ty!

      Don’t be too jealous, it is 60 degrees here and too cold to go outside. I’m holding my coffee at the window staring longingly at the pool… Maybe for the next holiday weekend… Hehe :) Where are you?

      But don’t worry…I will be enjoying some Kardashian gossip inside :)

      Hope you have a great long weekend.