S’mores Summer Wedding Love

Eleven summers ago, I was hired to be swim staff at a sleepaway camp. I was new to that camp and I was a bit anxious. I felt a tap on my back and turned around.

“Are you Stacey?”
“Yes,” I nervously replied.
“I’m Zach! I’m swim staff, too. I heard a lot about you. I was told it is inevitable that we will be best friends.”

He said it with such confidence and conviction that I believed him. I had a friend from that moment on and a best friend for the eleven years since.

I’ve never ascribed to the “best means best” and therefore “there should be only one best friend” rule. Rather, I’ve always had best friends by situation. And Zach? With confidence and conviction, I can tell you that he’s my “camp best friend from 2002.” To this day, he is one of my first phone calls whenever life happens. He is also a gourmet chef. I am a cooking coward. But together, we’ve made s’mores more times than I could ever count. After all, we are camp best friends.

I spent this past weekend celebrating the wedding of two people I love: Zach & Dan. Wishing you both a lifetime of s’mores and s’mores love and happiness.

In honor of the wedding of my camp best friend, I put together a collection of s’mores recipes.

S'mores Recipe Collection // Likes to Smile Blog
(Gorgeous Photos by the Blogger who Published the Recipe.)

ONE: S’mores Truffles // My Baking Addiction TWO: S’mores Cups // The Vault Files THREE: S’mores Chocolate Waffles // The Doughmesstic FOUR: S’mores Whoopie Pies // The Daily Candy FIVE: Gooey S’mores Ice Cream Cake // How Sweet It Is SIX: S’mores Hot Chocolate // Babble SEVEN: S’mores Cake in a Jar // How Sweet It Is EIGHT: S’mores Bites // Cooking Classy NINE: S’mores Bars // Bakers Royale

How ah-mazing do the s’mores recipes look?! Even this cooking coward wants to try her hand at them.

And you? Do you love s’mores? Do they remind you of camp? And do you also have best friends by situations?

Until next time!


Postscript: I am still out of town celebrating, but will respond to the comments when I return on Tuesday.


  1. Oh man, the oatmeal I am eating right now is totally not cutting it! So yummy. (p.s. I worked summer camps for about 4 years throughout university…some really awesome memories..)

    • Kelly!

      You’re a camp person! It all makes sense now! I know why I adore you so much! Such awesome memories, right? The greatest.

      Also, I would happily eat s’mores every meal of every day. Easy peasy. Oatmeal wouldn’t cut it for me, either!


  2. ummm YUM , i have been majorly craving s’mores recently and this is NOT helping !


    • Hahaha! Right?!?! All I want is s’mores now, too!! Don’t they all look delicious? Wowsa!


  3. Awwww… Stacey, I just loved this post! How darling that was to honor your best camp friend Zach… So sweet! And congrats to Zach and Dan!!
    I have to tell a little secret: I’ve never had s’mores in my whole entire life! I never went to camp too – it’s not that common here AND we don’t eat s’mores here. But from what I’ve seen in the Hollywood movies I’m guessing they’re melted marshmallows, right? And I did eat marshmallows a lot when I was a kid, just not melted or heated. :-) Marshmallows are yummmmmm! 😉
    And I can soooo totally relate to what you’re saying – I’ve got some best friends I met under different circumstances. It’s so strange – I get along with so many people and the friends I have are all so different, some of them never met each other before. I’ve been thinking to throw a party someday so all my friends can “meet & greet”each other- maybe when we have a new and bigger home.. that would be a great occasion. :-)
    Have fun there & talk to you soon!
    Inge xxx

    PS: I’d love to have a Cosmo in NYC when I’m there, so you’ll definitely need to show me around to the hot spots where all the New Yorkers go to. 😉

    • Hi Inge,

      Thanks so much for the congratulations for Zach and Dan!

      Meanwhile…we must make you some s’mores so you can try them! To do so, take a rectangular graham cracker and break it in half (so you have 2 squares) and then place a piece of chocolate on this (a mini candy bar will work perfectly). Then on top of that (so on the bottom is the cracker, then the chocolate is on top of the cracker and now you are going to put something on top of the chocolate), put one or two marshmallows. Put it on the oven on broil (or a toaster oven) and watch it cook. Once the marshmallow is lightly browned and puffy, pull it out. Place the other half of the graham cracker on top and squish it down so the marshmallow oozes out and the chocolate melts a bit more. Whoa-la! You have an oven made s’mores!! I make them all the time. It’s about the only thing I turn my oven on for. Fact! :)

      I love the idea of a Meet & Greet, too, so that all your friends can come meet one another!! How wonderful to have so many people you love all in the same placE!! It’s a must!

      When you come to NYC, we will definitely meet up!


  4. Oh what a sweet story of best buddies! I love it! I too have a lot of friends that are my BFFs from different moments in my life.
    Ok, so now I’m craving s’mores…where can I get s’mores in a rainy NYC?
    xo Adri

    • Hi Adri,

      Oooo! That would be a great blog post: where one can get s’mores indoors in NYC! :)

      So happy to hear I’m not the only one who has lots of BFF’s!!


  5. Looks delish! S’mores are one of my favorite desserts, and I must admit I go through phases during which I make them in my toaster oven with alarming frequency. The marshmallows don’t get the same awesome exterior as from a camp fire, though.

    • Hi Cari,

      I’m so happy to hear that I’m not the only one who makes s’mores in my toaster oven! I do it all the time!!!


  6. I am drooling! Only a little though 😉

  7. Oh man, #7 looks ridiculously good!
    Only problem would be trying to eat I think.
    But I guess you just resign yourself to getting messy!

    • Hi Marc!

      I know what you did last night! You read a whole buncha my blogs. Thank you so much– this means the world to me! So funny that you picked #7, that’s the one I’m most inclined to try!! S’mores are messy, that’s how it goes. But still delicious!


  8. Congrats to Zach and Dan! I have a couple of best friends from various points in my life — some from high school, some from college, some from work. And each one is a best friend for a reason. They all bring something different to the table. And now I’m craving smores!

    • Hi hi!

      I’ll pass on your congratulations! Thank you!!

      My friend Eric was telling me this weekend at the wedding about a poem that states, “there are best friends for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” I thought it was so interesting! So we were talking about all the friend changes we’ve had over the years and who has come and gone (but still been loved), who is there for a lifetime. Kind of an interesting concept, right?

      And I’m all about s’mores, all the time!


  9. I”m totally a s’more’s person as well. I can’t say that I’ve made a friendship over them though. The friendship has been between me and the s’mores. I have made some great friendships though through my kids activities. I met one of my very good friends at a local recreation facility where our kids took gymnastics. Thanks for sharing your story and all of these links to s’more goodness.

    • Hi Dawn!

      I always love the stories of where we meet our friends! Friendships really can form anywhere!

      And I always love a good s’mores!


  10. Stacey, I can SO relate to the situational friendships. I have outdoor ed Erin, Jess “the girl I traveled to Uganda with,” Leah and I went to the same college, didn’t hang out there, but road tripped to races near and far on weekends, and Madeleine from book club. There are more, but what fun to consider the birthplaces of certain friendships!

    • Hi Laura Beth!!

      There’s a blog post for you — the birthplace of friendships!! I love it! It is a great one. It is really amazing how we collect people throughout our lifetimes!



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