The Smile List – Summer in the City

June 21st. The first official day of summer. The Season of Stacey has arrived. Woo to the quadruple hoo.

My version of summer in the city is a picnic in either my local neighborhood park (Je T’aime) or Central Park (love it! but not enough to use French). I grab some reading material, pick up some iced coffee, and text a few friends the location of the spot I nabbed. It feels like the days could go on forever, in that perfect ‘reminiscent of our childhood summers’ way. Typically, our picnics happen around brunch, maybe in the afternoon, but always before five o’clock. Always wonderful. Always amazing.

But this summer, my mind keeps wandering and meandering towards an image that is a bit more sophisticated. I keep picturing evening picnics. I envision all of my friends gathered in our summertime wardrobes, eating (more) sophisticated fare and having lively conversation as the sun sets over the buildings. Since the sun is setting later in the evenings now, we could stay in the park until dark and then switch locations just as the bugs really come out.

I keep conjuring up an image just like this and smiling:

Summer in the City // Likes to Smile

Target Xhilartion Strapless Dress // C. Wonder Anchors Away Pendant Necklace // Biscuit Home Gold Feather Earrings // C. Wonder Abstract Ikat Clutch // J. Crew Marina Mini Wedge Espadrilles // Madewell Hepcat Shades // Latitude Mexican Bazaar Rosa Multi Serape // C. Wonder Wicker Picnic Basket // Lorina SparklingPink Lemonade

The Target dress is only $20!! I think it’s stunning and could even see wearing it to work with a cardigan.

And you? What does the offical start to summer represent to you? What do you think of sophisticated picnics in the park?

Until next time!


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  1. Love those shades & that dress!

    • Hi Jessica!

      Me too, it feels so summery! Hope you have an amazing weekend!


  2. “love it! but now enough to use french” hehehe..i like that.

    • Hahahaha!! I should make it all pretty and put it up on my blog as a quote :)

      Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. That dress is gorgeous! I love the print on the clutch as well. Picnics in the park sound like so much fun :)

    • Hi Allyssa!

      I loved the dress when I found it and loved it when I put it next to the clutch!! We could totally picnic in the park this summer… :)


  4. I think my days of sophisticated picnics are long gone (for a while at least), but your picnics sound like fun! Our first day of summer here is rainy, rainy, rainy (with a heavy dose of flooding), so I am just looking forward to some nice heat and sun! Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Kelly!

      Oh no! I’m so sad to hear that your first day of summer is rainy! Ours couldn’t be prettier, it’s the perfect weather! Here’s to hoping that it warms up this weekend for you!


  5. I’m delighted that I stumbled upon your blog. Your summer aspirations are enviable in the best way. A way that is inspiring! Bringing people together. I am a fan. And quadruple woo to the hoos! (what a fun prhase you have!) for a fabulous summer dress. I try not to link drop when commenting, but I purchased the navy version of the dress in May and I added straps so that it is a halter tie. I love love LOVE it!

    Also, where can I sign up to subscribe?

    • Hi Laura Beth!!

      That is the nicest compliment I’ve received! Thanks for loving my blog! I don’t have a subscription, but I think you’ve inspired me to figure out how to set one up! In the meantime, I always tweet the new links, put up posts on my facebook page and there is always Bloglovin’ or Feedly! Hope one of those works for you!

      I am SO SO SO glad you shared the link! That dress update is magical!! Looks amazing!

      So glad you stumbled upon my blog! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


  6. Loving that clutch, and an evening picnic (minus the bugs!) sounds so fun!

    • Hi Lori,

      Hahahaha! I always think “minus the bugs,” too! I loved the pattern on that clutch, too! Hope you’re having a great week!