The Smile List – Camp

I am a “camp person” in every sense of the word. You could tell me camp stories all day, every day and I would never tire of them. Never, ever. I would beg you to tell me “just one more.” I like camp that much. Put me in a cabin with a bunch of other girls, I’ll swap a shower for a swim in the lake, feed me some dining hall “bean burritos,” and I will readily tell you that I’ve found my way back home. Camp is my happy place.

When NBC announced they were doing a summer series called Camp, I was in. It’s on my DVR, but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. This weekend. With some bug juice in hand.


In honor of it being the season for camp and for camp finally being on TV, I put together a collection of things that make me think of camp and smile. Hand me the microphone, send me to the center of the dining hall, I’ll put together the skit to present… this week’s smile list!

The Camp Smile List // Likes to Smile

ONE Madewell Tropical Birds Scarf TWO West Elm Animal Perpetual Calendar THREE Wandawega Dinner Bell FOUR Wandawega Compass FIVE Madewell Estate Friendship Bracelet SIX Madewell Southwestern Cuff SEVEN Madewell Braided Friendship Bracelet EIGHT Wandawega Slingshot NINE Anthropologie Glass Globe Oil Lantern TEN Feed for Target Throw Blanket

Time for bird watching? You’re ready! Put on that scarf. Sneaking out at night? I’ve got you covered. Take the lantern and the throw. Hungry? Ring that dinner bell. Need to tell someone that they are your “bestie”? It’s friendship bracelet time. Need a good prank? Take that slingshot. And…if you’re camp is anything like mine, watch out for bears.

Like me, if you are finding yourself a bit campsick this summer (like homesick, but for camp!), I think that compass could point you towards your home. At least for me, camp is due north.

And you? Are you a camp person? Have you watched Camp on NBC? How was it (but remember: no spoilers please!)?

Until next time!



  1. Clearly this what I get for not having cable…I had no idea that there was a new Camp show, but I am going to have to check it out. I’ve heard that those Feed blankets from Target are really nice and soft. The last thing I need is another blanket (in the summer), but I might have to go check them out.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Kelly!

      I still have yet to check it out too, but my expectations are HIGH! Oh my! And I heard the same thing about the Target Feed blanket. I kinda want one, too! Hope you have an amazing weekend.


  2. I never went to camp… well except for the weekend I spent at Girl Scout camp when I was in elementary school. Growing up I don’t think it was something I would have been interested in, but now I feel like it would have been an awesome way to spend my summers.

    Adding Camp to my must-watch list! It looks like a really good show!

    • Hi Allyssa!

      I did a weekend at girl scout camp once, too! I think it’s one of those things that you appreciate so much more when you get older, but oh… camp! I hope the show is good, I’m excited to watch it tonight!


  3. Don’t forget the s’mores!

    I went to “French Camp” when I was a kid. I guess I thought it would be less sports-oriented than regular camp but it was a little too much like school. In retrospect I should have found a craft camp! I get so jealous when people post photos from Squam. Someday….

    • Oh! Yes! The s’mores! How could I forget? French camp? Are you fluent now? I would love craft camp, too! What’s Squam? I’ve never heard of it? I hope you’re having an amazing weekend!


      • Squam Art Workshops — held on the shore of a lake in New Hampshire. The “Taproot Gathering” in September looks amazing! I won’t post a link here… just Google them. :)

        • Googling it now!! I love the idea of art workshops on a lake in New Hampshire! Kinda my idea of perfection right about now! Hope you had an amazing weekend! xoxo

  4. Every summer I dream of going back to camp. One of these years I’m going to host an adult summer camp for pals. Maybe it will be next year.

    • Hi Jennifer!

      Oooo! If you plan a camp for grown-ups, I would love to attend!! This is actually the first summer since 2006 that I’m not going back to camp for alumni day! So sad. Next year!



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