Summer Peach Recipe Collection

Saturday afternoon, I had the best time skyping with Zach. Each time we speak, I insist on discussing what Zach has recently cooked or baked. He’s masterful in the kitchen and it is always delicious. This time, he had just made his Mom a peach pie. I wish I had been there in person to taste it! Also, can we note how adorable Zach is for baking a pie for his Mom. Je T’aime!!

I usually go to visit Zach in Ontario in August and I always stuff myself silly with Ontario peaches. There is nothing quite as delicious as an Ontario peach and there is definitely no such thing as eating too many peaches. Since I won’t be in Ontario this August (oh so sad!), I thought I would celebrate the season by putting together a summer peach recipe collection.

Summer Peach Recipe Collection // Likes to Smile

(Gorgeous Photos by the Blogger Who Published the Recipe)

ONE: Peach Shortbread // Smitten Kitchen TWO: Peach Butter // The Messy Baker Blog THREE: Peach Chutney and Brie Crostini // The Sweets Life FOUR: Watermelon Peach Tomato Salsa // Southern Living FIVE: Peach Custard Pie // Eating Well SIX: Grilled Peach Chipotle Salsa // Fort Mills SC Living SEVEN: Stuffed Peach Bread French Toast // The Baker Mama EIGHT: Governor’s Mansion Summer Peach Tea Punch // Southern Living NINE: Cheesecake Stuffed Peaches // Swanky Chic Fete

I like anything peach and all of these recipes look insanely delicious. I’m imagining trying each and every recipe to figure out which one is my favorite. Since I don’t have Zach’s cooking skills, I’m especially excited to try the Watermelon Peach Tomato salsa!! I think even this cooking coward can master that one. Top Chef, here I come!

UPDATE: Zach shared his recipes for the pie crust and peach filling here.

And you? Do you have a favorite peach recipe? Are you as excited about (Ontario) peach season as I am?

Off to eat a peach! Until next time!



  1. Peaches are probably my favorite fruit! I want to try all of these recipes! Great picks!

  2. I’ve been loving the peaches we have been getting in North Carolina this summer. Yum! I recently did a farmstand post on peaches on the blog- It looks like some of our recipes overlap and a few are totally different.

    • Hi Katie!!

      Oh my goodness – you must be getting the best peaches in North Carolina!!! And great minds think alike on the peach recipes! We must have done similar searches. Have you made the cheesecake ones, yet? I’m so curious! I want to try them all…

      Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!


  3. This post is all kinds of lovely. Peaches just make me smile. The thought of peaches as a nickname or the name of a pet, the juiciness of eating them [we nabbed a few from the farmer’s market this weekend,] and even the fuzzy feel of peaches. Baking seldom goes well for me , as I don’t have the gumption to follow the rues [recipe]. I eat my peaches straight up, but I’d gladly try some of Zach’s peach pie or that peach shortbread. YUM!

    • Hi Laura!!

      I’ll tell Zach he has to send both of us some of his pie!! :) And I don’t even usually like pie (I prefer cookies or cake), but peach pie is amazing!!

      Hope you’re having a great week!


  4. I definitely love eating peaches during summer! I have never tasted an Ontario peach before, but I’m guessing it won’t taste that different from the European peaches. :-) Anyway, when it’s winter my mom loves to cook special plates with meat during fall and a peach, stuffed with cranberries (sweetened) accompanies some special meat perfectly. Although I prefer summer salads, so I will absolutely try out the tomato/peach/watermelon salad as well – I’m not much of a cooking fan when it’s too hot outside. LOL! 😀
    It also makes me think of a great children’s book I once read of my favorite author Roald Dahl: James and the Giant Peach. So lovely and it makes me smile now too when I think of peaches…
    Enjoy the delicious fruit Stacey!
    Hugs, Inge x

    • Hi Inge,

      I think all peaches taste the same, it’s the nostalgia for being with my friends from camp that has given me an affinity for Ontario peaches! Meanwhile…cranberry stuffed peaches?! WOW! That sounds incredibly delicious!!

      James and the Giant Peach is such a famous children’s book and one I’ve never read! Perhaps I should flip through it the next time I’m in a bookstore!

      Hope you’re having a wonderful week!


  5. wait I don’t iunderstand. ONTARIO peaches? what. mind blown.

    I love peach iced tea and a classic peach cumble! yum :)

    • Hi Betsy!

      I’m fairly certain that a peach is a peach, just that Ontario peaches are locally grown. I went to a summer camp in Ontario, so I think I have a particular affinity for them grown out of nostalgia for my camp friends…

      Peached iced tea! Yes! Delicious!!


  6. My mom and I made peach scones just last week! They were delicious. I love it when peaches are in season.

    • Hi Kimmy!

      Peach scones? That sounds delightful!! And delicious!! Peach season is one of my favorites!


  7. Yum! I love peaches and these recipes look amazing.

    But, I would like Zach recipe, please. :)

    xo Adri

    • Hi Adri,

      I’ll reach out to Zach and ask for his recipe to share! Oh my… his cooking… ah-mazing!!


  8. So funny.. All of those recipes look delicious, but I’m one of those weirdos that love peach flavor, but not the actual peach. I think I’m missing out!

    • Hi Jessica!

      We all have our things!! I bet I would love the taste of cottage cheese, but I’ve never tried it because I think it looks disgusting…

      Hope you’re having a great week!


  9. Cut a peach in half. Place both halves on the grill, flesh side down. Once warm with some grill marks, through a half in a bowl and place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the peach cavity and let the warm peachiness do its job.

    • Hi Marc,

      That sounds delicious!! When can I come over and have some?

      Hope you’re having a great week!


  10. I’m pinning this one! We have a peach tree and I’m always looking for peach recipes. The tree has seen better days, but it continues to produce fruit. I made a yummy peach cobbler last week.


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