Let’s Chat #2

Last month, we all had a little chat. Reading all your comments and learning more about you was my favorite part of Likes to Smile in all of July. I decided it would be fun to have a little “coffee talk” every month so I could get to know you better.

So pull up a chair. Let’s chat.


I’ll propose five questions and share my answers below. I would love it if you will share your answers in the comments. In fact, I’m certain reading your answers will be the highlight of my week.

1. What are you currently reading?
2. What’s your favorite summer television show?
3. Facebook or Twitter?
4. What’s your favorite app?
5. What are you ordering for dessert?

Here are my answers:

1. Lots of magazines and catalogs, which is leading to lots and lots of daydreaming. I’m in heaven!! Currently, the J. Crew catalog, Pottery Barn, the Glamour September issue and New York magazine are piled next to me on the couch. I’m debating whether this, this, or this should be my next book.

2. Graceland. I’m totally addicted. I’m far too much of a wimp to ever have an undercover job for the FBI, so I love to watch and be taken along on the adventure. I can totally pretend I’m fierce (when really, I’m kinda fragile about that stuff). Can’t wait for Thursday’s new episode!

3. Twitter. It is my favorite curator of blogs and news! Fun, quick and lively conversation, too.

4. Postcards on the Run. My Gramme calls me each time one arrives in the mail. Makes my day!

5. Graham cracker flavored frozen yogurt mixed with a dollup of toasted marshmallow frozen yogurt sprinkled with a spoonful of crushed Oreos. It’s like a s’mores in a frozen yogurt cup. Dessert perfection!

Can’t wait to read your responses!! I have a feeling you all are going to make my Wednesday! Here are the questions again so you don’t have to scroll through the blog once you expand the comment section.

1. What are you currently reading?
2. What’s your favorite summer television show?
3. Facebook or Twitter?
4. What’s your favorite app?
5. What are you ordering for dessert?

Until next time!



  1. This is so much fun…it’s really a great idea for a series.

    1. What are you currently reading?
    umm…welll…blog posts on how install your own barn doors, reviews of tool and paint sprayers, and how to widen a doorway without using a contractor. SO basically I read nothing fun…and it’s all house related.

    2. What’s your favorite summer television show?
    I just worked my way through the first season of Orange is the New Black and loved it. And Suits is back…I love Havey and Mike.

    3. Facebook or Twitter?
    Facebook…I loathe twitter.

    4. What’s your favorite app?
    Right now it’s the VSCO photo app, I have all of the extra filters and love editing in it. And the Softbox app for my ipad so that I can use my iPad as a light source for photos.

    5. What are you ordering for dessert?
    I hardly ever order dessert, but I do love going out for frozen yogurt with all of the toppings.

    • Hi Kelly!! I’m so glad you like this series!!! I’ve been loving it, so it’s so nice to hear that it’s well received!!

      Meanwhile, home DIY blogs are some of my favorites!! I can’t wait to see what you and your husband are cooking up for your new home!! I’m beyond excited to follow along for the journey!

      I have to get back into Suits, I missed the winter run. But I’ve been loving Necessary Roughness — John Stamos was an excellent addition to the cast. Do you watch that? And EVERYONE is talking about Orange is the New Black! I’ll have to try that, as well.

      There is an app to use your iPad as a lightsource for photos? I’m so downloading that one tonight!!

      Going out for frozen yogurt is one of my favorite things about summer!

      Hope you’re having a great week!


      • The softbox app is amazing…I love it. Check out the very last photo in this post (http://www.aswellplacetodwell.com/2013/06/the-weeks-end-june-16-2013.html). i was in a dark room and had my ipad on the softbox app on one side of my face, then I took the pic with my phone and edited with VSCO app. I love new photo related stuff! And Necessary Roughness….I haven’t heard of it before but will need to check it out. Love John Stamos…we don’t have cable so I am stuck with Netflix and what I can stream

        • Oh my goodness!! The secrets of an amazing photographer!!! That is just the COOLEST!!! I’m so glad you shared that link!! Hope you have an amazing weekend! xoxo, Stacey

  2. I love these types of posts! Yesterday I just wrote up one for my blog, which will be posted next week!

    1. I guess I’m technically still reading Where’d You Go Bernadette, even though I haven’t touched it in a month… I should probably just give up and ready Someday, Someday, Maybe instead.
    2. Big Brother! So, so good. (PS… I still haven’t watched Graceland. I need to!)
    3. Twitter! Facebook annoys me. Plus Twitter is a great place to find interesting reads…. Facebook, no so much.
    4. Instagram! I love peeking into people’s lives via one photo. And some people are so creative with them!
    5. I’d say frozen yogurt too! But I usually go with cookies n cream and birthday cake yogurt, with a generous amount of cookie dough bits and rainbow sprinkles.

    • Hi Allyssa!

      I love these types of posts, too!! Can’t wait to participate in yours next week!!!

      Meanwhile, read Someday, Someday, Maybe!! I think you would think it is fantastic! At least, that’s what I’m betting on! And definitely let me know when you start Graceland…would love to discuss!!

      I love both Facebook and Twitter, but really love finding good reads on Twitter.

      I love Instagram, too!! If only I could figure out how to better take a selfie…

      And yay for Frozen yogurt!!


  3. Hi Stacey!

    1. Mostly magazines too!
    2. Haven’t really been watching TV…except Mickey’s Cluhouse. haha
    3. Both! Facebook for friends and family and Twitter for Blogs and fun!
    4. Love Instagram!!!
    5. Ice cream!

    • Hi Adri!

      Hahaha, I suppose Mickey’s Clubhouse sounds just about right for life with a toddler!! :)

      I love Instagram, too, but am still struggling with those selfies!! One day, soon, I’ll figure it out!!

      What’s your favorite NYC ice cream parlour?


  4. 1. Just started Chuck Klosterman’s ‘I Wear The Black Hat’ today.
    2. I just stick to Colbert and the Daily Show. I miss Jon Stewart. Oh, and Adventure Time.
    3.Use both. Love Twitter for new info. though.
    4. i don’t know….i don’t use that many apps still. I just got my first used smartphone 😛
    5. Neapolitan Icecream!

    • Hi Kimmy!

      I love Chuck Kloisterman! I want to get his new book!

      Your first smartphone? What do you think??

      And oh my goodness, Neapolitan ice cream!! I don’t think I’ve had that since I was a kid!! I might need to get some on the way home, it sounds delicious!!

      Hope you’re having a great week!


  5. What fun!! That way I really get to know you, the other readers here too and well… you get to know us! 😉 Great idea Stacey!!

    To answer your questions:
    1) Just started Eat, Pray, Love – I watched the movie a year ago and I bought the book about 2 years ago. Never took the time to start it, now I did. I’m curious to find out if I love it more than the movie. :-)
    2) Not any cool summer television shows at the moment, but my hubby loves to watch Grimm – which I suppose is not a real summer tv show at your side of the world? Anyway, I don’t watch a lot of tv in summer, but I’m waiting for the new tv shows (coming in September) to start. We’re a lot behind too, so we always get to see the shows that already aired much sooner in the USA… I love to see the talk shows (in Belgium) with a cool mix between some live performances, quizzes and fun interviews.
    3) Facebook! Twitter is still a bit too fast for me – or maybe I’m getting old? LOL! I guess I don’t fully understand Twitter…
    4) A Beautiful Mess – my favorite at this moment! :-)
    5) OR a chocolate mousse OR a “dame blanche” (French for “white lady” which means you’re getting vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce) OR a lemon sorbet! Mmmmmh… :-)

    • Hi Inge!!

      You’ll have to let us know what you think when you finish Eat, Pray, Love!! I read it and am really curious to hear your thoughts! What new shows are you excited to see when TV resumes this September? I can’t wait for Scandal!! Do you get that show? It took me awhile to figure out Twitter, but once I did, oh man, I am in love. I never knew the term “dame blanche” — thanks so much for teaching me!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. 1.trying to catch up on magazines and blogs
    2. I don’t really have a summer show. I tend to not watch much tv in the summer, but I’m excited for a new season of Downton Abbey.
    3.facebook, but I”m finally getting the hang of twitter so it may be changing
    4. don’t have a favorite, but I’m interested in vine
    5. key lime pie

    • Hi Dawn,

      I’m interested in Vine, too, but have yet to play along! Perhaps I shall try, soon!!


  7. Fun series!
    1) I just finished Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children for my book club, and since I needed something fairly mindless now I’m back into an old mystery series by Elizabeth Peters.
    2) I’m not really watching much right now since the boys have taken over our tv! I did just start catching up on How I met your Mother on Netflix though…and randomly got sucked into Shark Week .
    3) I’m more comfortable with Facebook, but I’m forcing myself to figure out Twitter!
    4) Cozi which is a calendar app. I’m trying to get more organized now that both kids are about to start real school for the first time.
    5) Whatever has frosting on it :)

    • Hi Moira,

      Oooo! I love mystery series! I’ll have to check out Elizabeth Peters!! I also just started How I Met Your Mother! I can’t believe I missed out on it for so long.

      Hahaha!! I forgot that I love anything with frosting, too!!

      Hope you have an amazing weekend!


  8. 1. What are you currently reading? Julie and Julia.. I really like it but it’s going slow.. Have to take some more time to read it.

    2. What’s your favorite summer television show? Oehh… this is hard. Can this also be a serie? I really like Suits and many more :p I’m a serie addict haha!

    3. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. Twitter goes too fast!

    4. What’s your favorite app? Instagram I guess… Oh no, Pinterest!!

    5. What are you ordering for dessert? Chocolate mousse :-)

    • Hi Claudia!

      I’m a series addict, too!! I had given up on Suits, but everyone says it has gotten really good again, so I think I need to catch back up. I’m really into Graceland, which is on the same network.

      I love chocolate mousse, too. Really all desserts :)


  9. Oh, new serie, Graceland. Is it good good? How far are they? Maybe I can catch up :-)

    • Hi Claudia!

      They are 8 episodes in. The plot is that the FBI took control of a beach house in California that it seized from a drug dealer. Now, a bunch of undercover agents live in the house. And the episodes follow the lives of these agents. I love it because I don’t have the personality to be an undercover agent, so I like going along for ride with each episode. Great way to escape and think about a career I would never have in real life! Let me know if you try it and like it!