I Feel Most Beautiful When…

I feel most beautiful when…

Feel Beautiful When // Likes to Smile

…I’m just being me.

Besty Transatlantically is hosting an amazing link-up with the prompt “I feel beautiful when.” Betsy announced the link-up last week and I spent the weekend thinking about what to write. What an amazing pick-me-up to let your mind wander to all the times you feel beautiful. Turns out, I feel beautiful more often than I stop to reflect on. What an awesome discovery!

When do I feel most beautiful? I have many answers to this: when I feel strong from running; when my niece and I are playing firefighters and rescuing her stuffed spider from the bookcase; when I get a phone call from a friend that lives in another town and we giggle as if we were in the same room; when I belt out “This Girl is On Fire!” by Alicia Keys; when I’m alone with my thoughts for a few minutes over a hot cup of coffee; and on and on. All of these thoughts made me come to just one realization: I feel most beautiful when I’m just being plain old Stacey and I’m not trying to impress anyone else. I feel most beautiful when I just let me be me and shine on through. It was an amazing and freeing thought.

And you? When do you feel most beautiful?

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  1. This is such a great link up! I have to agree with you… I feel most beautiful when I’m myself. I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone does :)

    • I’m sure you’re right… everyone probably does feel most beautiful when they are being themselves :)

  2. Is it possible to clean when not dancing? If so, i never want to be apart of it. If I couldn’t groove while cleaning i would never clean 😛 Great link up!

  3. Your list is great! I also dance when I clean, and it makes me feel happy about cleaning, if not exactly beautiful. Thanks for linking up!

    • Thanks so much!! I think maybe everyone dances while they clean? I just always end up dancing and singing and being goofy and then I notice I’m glowing (perhaps it’s the sweat?!), but I just end up feeling like me. And then I love the clean space! Thanks for hosting a great link-up! xoxo

  4. oh this is amazing – and SO true! life is beautiful when you’re comfortable enough to be you. I wish I remembered that more often – thanks for the nudge!

    • Hi Betsy,

      It’s funny because I almost wrote how I feel most beautiful when I go running, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it wasn’t true or was only partially true. Anyways, it resonated with me again when I realized you almost picked running but then chose another moment. Perhaps there are a lot of times when we feel “most” beautiful. Thanks for a really great link-up.


  5. I love your list and can relate to when I’m just being me. I also feel most beautiful when I’m really present and not “thinking” too much. Just rowing my boat gently down the stream merrily, merrily, merrily…life is but a dream. :)

  6. I feel most beautiful when … I’m laughing with my friends. Everyone is more beautiful when happy, and nothing should hold you back from smiling or laughing with friends.