Let’s Chat #4

Sometimes I feel like Oprah when I write this blog. I have a lot of favorite things that go on here. Like book club. And our monthly “let’s chat” series. The fact that people read this blog and take the time to comment on what I’ve said makes me feel the magic in the air. Every single time. Je t’aime!

So, shall we chat?!

Chatting with Blogging Friends // Likes to Smile

(Chatting it up with the lovely Adri and Jennifer)

Here are our five questions this month:

1) Are you taking any new classes this Fall?
2) Who is responsible for your favorite Twitter feeds? Pinterest accounts?
3) What’s the best thing to happen to Fall TV so far?
4) Do you wear red lipstick?
5) How will you be celebrating Halloween?

Here are my answers:

1) NEW CLASSES: Holly stated on Facebook that she would be opening registration for her new Blogging This Way e-course this morning. I took her Blog Boss course (review here) and loved it! Through the class, I also met so many amazing friends (like Adri and Jen above)! I’m so in. No matter the topic. Cannot. Wait.

2) TWITTER AND PINTEREST: I’m loving Jamie Shupack’s Twitter feed lately. Every article she tweets, I want to re-tweet. I found her through her now-fiance’s twitter feed. I followed him after I read his book. How stalker-esque am I?! Check her out, she sources ah-mazing articles! He tweets or re-tweets great “business of television” articles (most of which he’s written). They make a good pair.

As to Pinterest… I’m at a loss. I like home decor objects. Who should I be following? I will immediately follow any suggestion you got. And definitely leave a link to your own Pinterest feed, too!

3) BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO FALL TV: Papa Pope on Scandal! “I am the hell AND the high water.” And to think I used to love the trouble that Cyrus caused. This man is far more evil than Cyrus. So. Much. Fun.

Also loving the starts of: Hart of Dixie, The Good Wife and Homeland.

Oh! And I just finished Breaking Bad. I was binge-viewing on Netflix. Oh. Em. Gee. Who wants to discuss?

4) WEAR RED LIPSTICK: One of my goals for my 32nd year was to overcome my fear of red lipstick. Hasn’t yet happened. But I was reminded of it because of this little conversation with Emily:

Fear of Red Lipstick // Likes to Smile

I went on to volunteer to be her guinea pig. I’m thinking it’s about time I took myself to Sephora and gave it a whirl. Stay tuned to my Instagram. Obviously, I’ll blog about it, too!

5) HALLOWEEN: Eating lots of junk food. I want a bite of everything. Calories don’t count on Halloween, right?!

Now it’s your turn. Hit those comments and tell me all about you! I can’t wait. Like Oprah would say, “You. Get. A. Comment! YouGetAComment!” It’s one of my favorite blogging things! Your answers always make my day.

Until next time!


Postcript: Only after I wrote this blog did I realize that not only are “favorite things” very Oprah, so are book clubs! Maybe I should be Oprah for Halloween?!


  1. 1) Are you taking any new classes this Fall? Yes I hope I can take Holly’s new class again! Hope to see you there 😉

    2) Who is responsible for your favorite Twitter feeds? Pinterest accounts? Twitter; Scandal I guess.. I’m so addicted! I even watch every episode twice so the week is not that long.. Pinterest.. LOTS and LOTS of things. I just love pinterest! http://www.pinterest.com/designclaud/

    3) What’s the best thing to happen to Fall TV so far? Scandal of course, but also Grey’s anatomy, White Collar this thursday, Homeland, Downton Abbey…

    4) Do you wear red lipstick? I did when I was back home.. Only when I go out. But now, during travelling I don’t have a lot of stuff with me so nope.

    5) How will you be celebrating Halloween? Not really I guess. We don’t celebrate it in Holland and definitely not here in Bali.. I would love to experience this in the US one day. Trick or treat right?!

    • Hi Claudia!

      YAY! So glad we’ll both be in Holly’s class!

      Oh…I’m majorly into Scandal on Twitter, too. I think you’ve noticed 😉 Love chatting about it with you! Have you seen this week’s?

      I’ve never watched White Collar! What is it about?

      Oh yes! You’ve got to come try out a US Halloween! It will be amazing!


      • Are you in? I just confirmed the online course.. So looking forward to it!! :-)
        Only 2 more nights.. or actually 3 for me before a new Scandal comes up!

        White Collar is about a guy who was in prison before, because he did these major forgeries. But because he was so good, the FBI offered him a deal to work together and find other criminals. This guy is Matt Bomer by the way :p That makes it all even better 😉


        • Yes, I’m all signed up and registered for the online course. Hooray!

          What a great plot for White Collar!

          Almost time for a new Scandal!! Hoooray! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the info about the decor8 class. Ill have to check that out! Love your answer about Halloween. You are completely right… and that goes for every other holiday too! :)

    • Hi Jessica!

      Let me know if you end up taking the decor8 class! We can be classmates!

      And I totally agree about the calorie don’t count on holidays thing!!


  3. 1) Are you taking any new classes this Fall? I didn’t know about Holly’s new class but it looks fab! I think I’m going to have to sign up.
    2) Who is responsible for your favorite Twitter feeds? Pinterest accounts? On Twitter I love Jennifer Weiner (she live tweets all the Bachelor/Bachelorette episodes-score!) and on Pinterest…I follow a little bit of everything. I’m so addicted! http://www.pinterest.com/conlan3
    3) What’s the best thing to happen to Fall TV so far? Top Chef and Big Bang Theory! Oh and the Voice. Love me some Adam Levine!
    4) Do you wear red lipstick? I want to but I’m scared! I have one, but I don’t think it’s quite the right shade so I never wear it. I’ll be watching to see which one you choose!
    5) How will you be celebrating Halloween? We’re going all out this year. I have a 4 and a 5 year old and they are so excited for it. The house is decorated, costumes are ordered and we head to a pumpkin patch this weekend.

    • Hi Moira!

      Let me know if you end up taking Holly’s class! We can be classmates!

      I love the Big, Bang Theory!! I’m still laughing over the episode where they did the scavenger hunt! When Shelon went all, “My brain IS better than everyone’s!!” and held up the bowling ball. LOL for sure!! I’ve never seen the Voice but I think I’m really missing out!

      I’m scared, too! We should try together!

      Oooo!! What are your kids dressing up as? My two year old niece is going as Madeline! I can’t wait to see it.


  4. 1. No… I never seem to have the time. I’d love to enroll in a Skillshare course if I can find the time!
    2. This is tough! I don’t think I have a favorite Twitter. For Pinterest, I love The Everygirl and The Glitter Guide since their pins are always on a wide variety of topics. There’s probably a million more I like, but I can’t remember!
    3. Scandal! Oh and Jake’s out of the hole! Can’t wait to see what happens next week!
    4. I don’t wear any lipstick! I’m lipstick-phobic! But this is coming from a girl who didn’t wear mascara until like 3 years ago though, so maybe someday!
    5. I’m boring, so probably nothing! Although I’ll probably sneak in some candy and maybe I’ll order a pizza….

    • Hi Allyssa!

      Everyone chats about skillshare! I need to get on that bandwagon, too!

      I’m so adding Everygirl and Glitterguide to my Pinterest. Thanks for the tips!

      YES!! I was so happy when Jake literally fell into Olivia’s house last week. And the scene in the parking garage with Huck? Loved it!

      Me too! I’m a chapstick girl. But I really like the fashion shots of red lipstick. I feel like I should try it just once (or a few times). New to mascara? Now mascara I’m big on. I actually layer two brands each morning. It’s the perfect fit!

      Candy and pizza is what I’m talking about!! We can be boring together :)


  5. 1) Are you taking any new classes this Fall?
    Nope, not this fall. I am busy with a bunch of other things, but not classes :)

    2) Who is responsible for your favorite Twitter feeds? Pinterest accounts?
    Ok, I am going to be bad and say that I really don’t like Twitter and hardly ever check it..so I can’t even say a favourite. I love Etsy on Pinterest, they find some great things.
    3) What’s the best thing to happen to Fall TV so far?
    jax teller…’nuf said (oh, and I finally finished season 2 of scandal and watched the first episode in season 3…love it!)
    4) Do you wear red lipstick?
    That would be a no. I don’t wear any lipstick, or lip gloss really.
    5) How will you be celebrating Halloween?
    I am taking my little owl trick or treating (if she will put on her costume…which so far has been a battle of wills)

    • Hi Kelly!!

      Etsy! I can’t believe I haven’t previously thought to follow their Pinterest pages! It’s funny, it took me a looooooong time to like Twitter, but now I love it. Possibly even more than Facebook.

      Who’s Jax Teller? Isn’t Scandal the best?!

      Is she dressing up as an Owl? My two year old niece is dressing up as Madeline. I can’t wait to see her in her costume!


  6. How fun to meet up with Adri and your other friend. I am taking a self-paced photo class called Shoot Fly Shoot. I don’t have a specific favorite twitter or pinterest person. I’m loving The Voice, Revenge and the new show Betrayal. I don’t wear bright red lipstick. It’s more of a maroon color.

    • I need to look into the Shoot Fly Shoot course. I’m very interested in learning how to take better photographs.

      I really need to start watching the Voice. Everyone raves about it!

  7. Love chat time!!

    1) Are you taking any new classes this Fall? – I’m not taking any, but I’m teaching a few! Got to get you into one of my sewing or screen printing classes soon. We should print Likes to Smile tote bags or something!!
    2) Who is responsible for your favorite Twitter feeds? Pinterest accounts? – Oh man! I’m not sure to be honest. I love Pinterest, but I don’t usually follow who’s pinning versus what they pin.
    3) What’s the best thing to happen to Fall TV so far? – No big TV moments for me yet. I’m watching Project Runway and HIMYM religiously. I think my big moment will be the Project Runway finale this Thursday. Can’t wait!!
    4) Do you wear red lipstick? – YES!! Just started this year, and I love it. My favorite so far is LANCÔME ROUGE IN LOVE. I think the color I wear is called Sequence of Love. I really think we should have a Sephora red lipstick date!!
    5) How will you be celebrating Halloween? – Not sure yet. I love Halloween but can rarely get myself together to celebrate.

    I’m going to check out the new BYW. Woohoo!

    • Hi hi!

      I love chat time too!

      Meanwhile… YES YES YES on taking one of your classes! I would love a tote bag with Likes to Smile printed on it!! Sounds terrific!

      I need to join you in the red lipstick department, too! I’m so proud of your adventurousness there! When are we going to Sephora? I’m in!


  8. 1) Yes! I’m going to Lucky FABB next week and there are a lot of classes happening!
    2) Oh I don’t really have favorites. Probably a few favorite tweets or pins only.
    3)American Horror Story!!
    4) Yes! I love red lipstick. I wear Mac’s Ruby Woo.
    5) Probably doing some trick or treating with my son and heading to some fun kids events in the city. I’ll dress up too!

    • Hi Adri!

      Oooo! I hope you’ll blog all about Lucky FABB so the rest of us can check it out!

      I’m going to join this red lipstick bandwagon soon! Just working up the nerve!

      What’s Duo dressing up as for Halloween?

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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