Gratitude Tweets

Two weeks ago, my dear friend Susie came to visit. We spent two days engaging in intense girl talk, the conversation was never ending. I wanted the visit to last forever. Susie is this incredible wordsmith. She will casually mention something she’s thinking about and I will find myself stopped in my tracks, pondering all the ways in which I agree. She often slightly alters my outlook on the world for the better.

One of the many striking things she mentioned during her visit was:

“I needed to remind myself that there are things in life deserving of gratitude; so every day for a year, I updated my BBM status to state what I was grateful for that day.”

Show stopper.  

Not having BBM, I missed my opportunity to witness it and partake. But I wanted in. I wanted a reason to remind myself of the wonderful things I am grateful for.  I came up with a little plan, inspired entirely by Susie.

Gratitude Tweets // Likes to Smile

Every day during the month of November, I’m going to tweet something I’m grateful for and I’m going to sign the tweet with my #gratitudetweets hashtag. The “tweets” in the hashtag is purposefully plural, to remind myself that lots of wonderful things happen every day.

I think this project is especially poetic, as this month will end with American Thanksgiving.

I would be over the moon if you’d join in and play along! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see lots of reasons for gratitude popping up all over Twitter?! My heart warms at the mere thought of it all.

My first #gratitudetweets for today:

I’m grateful for friends like Susie, who inspire me to both think and take action.

Here I am with Susie at the reading of her book of poetry, “How to Get Over Yourself.”


And you? What are you grateful for today? Will you also play along with #gratitudetweets this month (daily or otherwise)?

Until next time!


Postscript: Susie has this unbelievably amazing poetry project called “The Starbucks Poetry Project,” where she writes poems based on tidbits she overhears while waiting for her coffee. Absolutely worth checking out! Start with two of my favorites: “Xray Judgement” and “On the Menu.


  1. Such a fun idea! I’m in!

  2. An enjoyable blog to read

  3. I am so loving this idea! Great post and looking forward to all the gratitude to come. I certainly needed to be reminded of everything good in my life right about now and I’m looking forward to sharing all the goodness with all the happy blogging ladies!

    • Hi Jenn!

      So happy to hear you love the idea and that you’ll be playing along! Two days in and I’m majorly loving reading everyone’s tweets!


  4. Such a good reminder. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and not realize why you are celebrating and how much you have to be thankful for. Being more mindful this November will make Thanksgiving even better! Looking forward to following along.

    • Thanks for following and playing along!! I’ve been loving reading what everyone is grateful for each night! xoxo

  5. Love, this idea. I need to remember to tweet. I’m grateful I get to meet you in person soon!

  6. This is a really nice project! Excited to read more of everyone’s #gratitudetweets. :)