The Smile List #2

A couple of weeks ago, instead of putting together a collage of items that made me smile, I wrote a list of things happening in life that were making me smile. Truth be told, I’m much more into the list these days. I had a great time writing it. My plan is to try “The Smile List” as a list for awhile and see how that feels. Which is why this post is titled “The Smile List #2” since it’s the second Smile List in a list format.

You Are Beautiful // Likes to Smile

Making me smile lately:

1) Perhaps you noticed my Facebook updates, but the hard drive on my computer died. My computer has been fixed and is working again. Hooray! I’m back.

Hello again! I missed you. I look forward to reading your blogs over the weekend. (Meanwhile, I did enjoy the accidental digital vacation and read far too many magazines).

In reading the magazines, I read the Editor’s note in the December issue of Glamour and she quoted her mentor as saying, “You have to dress up once in awhile just to remind them that you can.” I loved the quote and found it empowering (so much so that I tore it out to share with you).

2) I met Dawn in person over coffee with Adri. She is just as amazing as I suspected! Dawn wrote about her NYC trip here. She came to NYC with the “you are beautiful” stickers pictured above, which she wrote about here. I love the idea of using randomly placed stickers to spread the “you are beautiful” message.

3) Shonda Rhimes is writing a book. Being released in 2015. Between my love of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, I can pretty much guarantee this as a future Likes to Smile Book Club selection.

4) Speaking of Likes to Smile Book Club Selections… I will be seeing my Aunt of said second novel publication next week for Thanksgiving. I better read her book before I see her! Will you be joining along in Likes to Smile Book Club Selection #5 for a little Chicago prohibition and flappers on December 4th?

5) Who else used to love the television show Clarissa Explains it All?! My sister and I were major fans growing up. Melissa Joan Hart has a novel out called Melissa Explains It All. I’m definitely putting this on my Kindle for my Thanksgiving flight back to Ohio.

6) The next time I play hostess, I’m sending all my friends home with a DIY version of these custom s’mores. How cute would it be to send everyone home with a bag full of ingredients to make toaster oven s’mores?! Je t’aime!

7) Katie included my selection in her Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for your Best Girl Friends!

8) I can’t wait to play with this app for sending hand written notes!

9) While I believe that you can like “the pink and the pretty” and still be very smart and talented (it’s not an either/or to me), I love the message that girls can grow up to be anything. Especially scientists:

10) I’m grateful to everyone participating in #gratitudetweets. There is still time to join in! For the month of November, I’m tweeting one thing a day that I’m grateful for. What are you grateful for?

And you? What is making you smile this week?

Until next time!



  1. You make me smile Stacey! So glad your back. I’m sure it was nice having a little break from your computer though. I need to take one soon and I hope it doesn’t take my computer crashing to happen. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. I love the girl power video!

    • Ooooh! You make me smile, too!! What a compliment, thank you! I’m so glad to be back, too. Though, I do think it might be important to work a few digital vacations into my life. It was nice to just read a magazine without worrying about the 500 other things I think I should be getting done.

      I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!


  2. Yay! So glad your computer’s fixed!

    I can’t wait for Shonda’s book. It’s going to be amazing! And I had no idea Melissa Joan Hart had a book out! Adding that to my reading list for sure!

    I heard about Goldie Blox the other day and I love it! If they were around when I was a kid, I’m 100% sure I would have begged my parents for it.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Hi hi!!

      I know! It’s such a relief to have a working computer again. Amazing how much we rely on it, right?

      The Melissa Joan Hart book is definitely on my reading list.

      I had the same thought, too, about Goldie Blox! I wish it had been around when I was a kid!

      I hope you have an amazing weekend!! xoxo

  3. Love those smores kits and that app looks so fun! :) Happy Friday!

  4. The smile list is so sweet! I’ve seen the “You are beautiful” stickers in my neighborhood coffee shop (you can see a pic here: and they add such a lovely boost.

    This has been a tough week but I’m still smiling, probably due in large part to time hanging out with my dad (seriously, dad jokes are so good/bad), delicious Indian food, a knock-your-socks-off sunset last night and new blogging friends!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Alicia!!

      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, too!! I’m so glad to hear you are still smiling after a tough week. This was a tough week wasn’t it?

      And yay for new blogging friends indeed!


  5. I missed this somehow on Friday…hmm….I’ve been slacking on blog reading as other things are taking over my life these days! ANyhow, love your list – as always, everything is just so happy. And I’m glad you’re back…I was wondering why you’d been so quiet, so I am happy that all is well!

    • Hi Kelly!

      I know! My life seems to be upside down lately. And thanks for the welcome back! I’m looking forward to regularly blogging and reading again!


  6. Welcome back! (I know I’m behind on saying that!) Love the You are Beautiful stickers! You should check out Rewrite Beautiful. It’s a project my friend is super involved with in empowering young girls through writing and arts and it’s great.

    And isn’t that video just the best. Girls! All we really need is girls!

    • Rewrite beautiful sounds incredible. I will definitely check them out! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xoxo