Smile List #3 – 3 Steps Back, But Still Smiling

I’m in a phase right now. There is a lot on my plate. I’m a tad bit overwhelmed (possibly a lot overwhelmed). My plate is over-flowing with to do’s that actually need to get done. I had one of those weeks where it felt like I moved backwards more than forwards (ever been there?). Alas, balance seems to be a bit missing. Anything non-essential has become part of my wish list: like blogging (ok, I snuck that in at 11:30pm on Thursday), and reading other blogs, watching this week’s Scandal and just reading.

Speaking of just reading… I don’t have a dog, but… can I claim the dog ate my homework?! There is no feasible way I can attend to everything that legitimately needs my attention and read Dollface by Monday. Which means I’m messing up Likes to Smile Book Club again. I would love some input: do I push the date back and save the discussion (likely until the New Year)? Do I invite those that read the book to guest post here? I would be thrilled to have anyone that read contribute a paragraph of thoughts and propose a question? Or a quote? I would love for Likes to Smile to be a forum for discussion. My heart aches that I announced book club and I’m letting my readers down by not having held up my end of the bargain. My sincerest and largest apologies. Generally I’m the girl that reads two books in one weekend, but life has just not allowed for me to tackle the “wish list” at the moment. So please advise, dear readers, how do I bridge this?

And despite all this, I still have a lot to smile about. Shall we get to the good part of this post?

Drumroll please. Let’s smile over…

Back to the Pool! // Likes to Smile

1. I am healing from a sports injury where my doctor benched me. I was told to “sit still” and heal. But, baby, I’m back! I was released from the bench for swimming only. And oh! It feels so good! If you follow me on instagram (see above picture) you already know I got in some laps. Hoping to get in a few more this weekend. It’s amazing to be active again and feel more like myself.

2. Everyone who participated in #gratitudetweets. You made me smile all November long. As a thank you for all the smiles they gave me, I’m linking to their blog. Go show them some love from me. They are all amazing! Gratitude for participating to (in no order whatsoever): Susie, Allyssa, Betsy, Kira, Tazim, Rachael, Jaime, Jenn, Alicia, Katie, Moira & Ari. (If I missed you, please tell me, I want to add you to the list. Accidental oversight, I promise.)

3. Susie gave me a shout out in her Overheard at Starbucks poem on Tuesday.

4. Macy’s page six ad has me determined to go spend money in their store as a show of support. As Macy’s stated (full story here):

“Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has always spotlighted the best of Broadway since the ’60′s, and this year is no exception,” the rep said. “As 2013′s Tony award-winning best musical, ‘Kinky Boots’ is not only a hit with Broadway fans, but Black Friday shoppers… Please have them call us and we’ll set them up with our personal shoppers.”

5. We all know I love me some Kid President. His is the only holiday wishlist you need. The best gifts are time and bear hugs. Agreed!

6. One of my graduate school friends is coming to town for the weekend and staying with me. I’m very much looking forward to the girl talk!

7. This is my contribution to Eileen’s #inspiremefriday. Everyone tweets either a pin or a link that inspired them that week. Guaranteed smiles on a Friday. Check it out!

8. Adri posted her wedding pictures from her October wedding. Mazel tov! And a very Likes to Smile Je t’aime! Go read the post, she’ll have you at the wine box ceremony. I promise.

Once again, please accept my apologies on Book Club. I’m mortified.

I’m uncertain whether or not I will have time to blog next week. But know that I adore you all. To all the bloggers out there, I’m looking forward to reading every word I missed one day soon! Emphasis on soon.

And you? What is making you smile these days? Are you giving out bear hugs for the holidays?

Until next time!



  1. I’d say just postpone the book club until the new year. I haven’t even started it yet, and I bet a lot of other people haven’t had much time to read it either.

    Great list of links! I’m really enjoying the list aspect of the Smile List. You always find the best links!

    • Hi Allyssa!

      Thanks for your take on the book club! I’m leaning that way, too!

      Glad you are liking the list aspect of the Smile List. I’m really into it!


  2. Stacey…this is my life right now too! It’s all radio silence…I can’t keep up, and honestly, when I do have time to relax, I don’t want to sit at the computer. I actually started to write a big post about it and then just trashed it all and figured silence was better. Tough sometimes….but real life things need to win!

    • Kelly…

      I feel for you! I can’t keep up either. And the truth is also that sometimes rather than spend (more) time at the computer, I just want to open a magazine and not think about what in it is inspiring for the blog. Just enjoy! Strange, huh?

      How you holding up? Sending you some energy through the computer!! We’ll catch up and find our blogging groove again. Hope you have an amazing weekend!


  3. Don’t be mortified!! Life happens to all of us-especially this time of year! I am struggling to keep up too, and I can’t wait for things to settle down in a few weeks. I say push it back until the new year-it will give all us a chance to read it (me included!) and get ready for a fun discussion! Hope you have a fabulous weekend :) Oh, and by the way the gratitude tweets were some of my favorite things to read this November! I’m in for next year!

    • Hi Moira,

      I’m definitely leaning towards pushing it back to the New Year. I think that’s smart, everyone is so busy it is crazy :)

      And I’m so happy to hear you love gratitude tweets! I will definitely be bringing it back next year!

      Good luck with your to do list!


  4. Thanks for sharing that Kid President clip! He’s adorable and is so inspiring! He would totally tell you it’s ok if you postpone book club till the new year. I hope your holiday season is going great! It’s been a busy one for me, but I love it.

    Enjoy the swimming!

    • Hi Katie!

      HAHA! You’re right… Kid President would tell me it’s okay to postpone book club until the new year! And then we would have a dance party :)

      I’m glad to hear you are having such a wonderful holiday season!! Sending you warm wishes!


  5. Hey Stacey,
    Balance is key. Just let me know whenever you want to do the Book club and I’ll be there! Xoxoxox

  6. Glad you still have a lot to smile about!!!
    Thanks for sharing the link to my wedding. Glad you liked it! xo

    • Hi Adri,

      Your wedding was so stunning! Sending so much warmth and congratulations (again) your way!


  7. So glad you’re gradually getting back in action. Love Kid President too! He makes me smile. I haven’t seen this video. I’m going to be taking a little blog soon as well :)

  8. Although I’m not reading books (nor blogs) regularly lately, I totally feel the same way about blogging. I’m running behind with everything, finding it hard to keep up and trying to juggle with my work, husband, kid, blog and most of all my pregnancy! So I totally hear what you’re saying about feeling sad about not keeping up with your regular features here on your blog. Also I have failed one more time to keep up with my Color Love stories on Mondays. I’m struggling with daily life and keeping things organized (blog and house-wise) at the same time. :-) If you know what I mean… 😉
    If you feel like you have to postpone it until the New Year arrives, just go for it I’d say!! Finding your balance is important, so just take your time and enjoy life and try not to feel guilty about a blog break once in a while (I’m still trying this too… LOL).
    Hope you’re feeling better already – it’s great you picked up swimming, you remind me of doing something sporty too soon – that is after giving birth to my second baby boy. 😉
    Sending you a big hug and loads of warm wishes this holiday season (and THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH) for the sweet birthday wishes, so happy to read your lovely message on my blog! :-)
    Love, Inge x

    • Hi Inge,

      I think sometimes we have to just say “I can’t do it all” and be happy with what we’ve accomplished. And then we’ll all get organized and back to it :)

      Sending big smiles right back! Glad you had a wonderful birthday!



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