Smile List #4

I have been loving the Smile List as a place to list all the things I’m loving. I find that I spend the entire week taking note of things I want to share. So without further ado… I made a little pinboard for this week:


1. That’s Zach (of peach pie fame) in the upper left. He came to visit last weekend. Sometimes you just need one of your favorite people to spend a few days in your apartment so you can chat about whatever comes to mind all weekend long. It was amazing.

2. While Zach was in town, we saw two movies: Inside Llewyn Davis (trailer here) and American Hustle (trailer here). Inside Llewyn Davis is about a singer-songwriter trying to make it in NYC in the 1960s. American Hustle is about the FBI forcing a con man to work for them. We both loved both (and we have totally different senses of humor). Next time I add new music to my iPhone, both soundtracks are getting purchased.


3. The quote above is from a story Billy Baker, a Boston Globe reporter, told on his twitter feed this past Monday. It is an incredible story about how he helped an at-risk teenager. It has the happiest of happy endings. Buzzfeed collapsed it into one article (read it here). I’ve read it three times now and each time, I tear up.

Also, consider this quote my submission for this week’s #inspiremefriday. Join in… everyone tweets something that they found inspirational this week (generally it’s a quote).

4. I can’t wait gift someone my doodle on a fishbowl.

5. This is my new go-to gift wrap idea for every upcoming present I buy. I’ll merely change the stamps for the season. Simultaneously elegant and rustic. I love it!

6. I was checking out this tutorial of how to build a dollhouse this week, while also checking out this winter scene in a glass box. I couldn’t help but think how awesome it would be to do a dollhouse set-up inside a glass box. A combination of the two ideas. Stay tuned, I think I just might DIY it!

7. I need to make this DIY washi tape organizer for my collection, too.

8. On my last Smile List, I wrote about being overwhelmed. This led me to reorganize my to do list to start with an action. It seems to be helping.

9. I can’t wait to try baking these dark chocolate chip with sour cherries cookies while I’m at the beach house next week.

10. And just because I’m curious, let’s take a quick poll. There were a whole handful of blogs this week about where parents hide their kid’s presents so the kids don’t find them. It made me think of my childhood. My sister and I would tear apart the house in search of our presents, which we never found. I’ve since asked my Mom where she used to hide them and she told me she didn’t remember. But oh did we ever search. What about you? Did you search your house high and low for your presents? Did you find them?

I will be spending next week at the beach house, curled up by the fire with a cup of coffee and my Kindle. Basically, that’s Stacey Heaven. And I cannot wait. I want to read Dollface (book club will be sometime in January), King and Maxwell, and Melissa Explains it All.

And you? How will you be spending this holiday season? What are you reading? What are your DIY plans?

I’ll be back to regular blogging in January. Until then, sending you very warm greetings!! Merry Christmas! Happy (belated) Hanukkah! Happy New Year!

Until 2014!



  1. I absolutely loved that story from Billy Baker. I saw you tweet it and I loved following along.

    My parents hid the presents in their closets and the office closet. One year (I believe I was in third grade) I accidentally stumbled across them. After that I knew where they were and my parents knew we knew where they were, but it was never an issue. I always wanted to be surprised so I never peeked!

    Have a lovely weekend! And have a relaxing time at the beach house!

  2. Happy holidays to you, Stacey! Enjoy the beach house, it sounds like heaven! I’m hoping to read Orange is the New Black when I’m not catching up with my family and friends in St. Louis.

    Thanks for sharing that washi tape organizer. I need to get on that, I think I have a washi tape addition. :)

  3. My mom used to hid them under her (massive) to be ironed pile in her closet! Now I’m hiding my kids presents in my own closet :) And the trunk of my husbands car, and anywhere up high!
    And curling up by the beach with coffee and my kindle would be absolute bliss! Enjoy!! And happy holidays!

  4. Oh my goodness, I love the Billy Baker story. It’s the kind of thing that makes life as a journalist worth it.

    As for present searching, I was terrible. I used to always find the secret stash and got pretty good at undoing some of the wrapping to see what was inside and wrapping it back up without mom noticing. I’m not especially patient and waiting to open the package she sent this year is taking every ounce of restraint I have.

    Love your idea for action items on top of the to-do list. I need to try that!

    Merry Christmas friend! Have a lovely time with coffee and all those good books!