I Resolve to Dance in the Street

Happy New Year! I rang in 2014 with Ben Folds Five and Billy Joel. The year is off to an incredible start! {Or so I hope, since I’m writing this post ahead of schedule!}

I made but one resolution this year: spend more time dancing in the street!

Dance in the Street // Likes to Smile

(Image via Unsplash by Matthew Skinner)

If I were to caption 2013, I would caption it “The Year of the Endless To Do List.” It is quite possible I spent the entire year solely checking off items on my to do list. At times, it felt like I had “get it done” tunnel vision. I mentioned more than once that I was overwhelmed.

There will always be to do lists. I will always have a tendency towards “get it done” tunnel vision. Some things never change. But my attitude can change!

This year, I am making it a priority to relax more. To have more fun. To find and create moments that make me so giddy, I want to dance in the street. A little actually dancing in the street must be good for the soul, right?

I shall make this happen even if I have to put it as an item on my to do list! Tunnel vision of fun! Tunnel vision of dancing!

Here’s to a year with more relaxation, more fun, more moments, more memories… and more dancing! In the street.

And you? Do you also get to do list tunnel vision? What is your resolution this year?

Wishing you and all your loved ones a healthy, happy, dance-filled year!

Happy New Year!

Until Next Time!



  1. Oh to-do lists. I’m starting at one right now. Of course, they’re all things I want to do that are part of my bigger plans for the year, but I can’t seem to function without a list. And now I have a handy dandy planner for my weekly lists.

    But, making fun and relaxation and just living a priority is a wise move. I always feel rejuvenated, inspired, motivated and ready to kick ass after “living life.” Like a weekend camping, a drive across Montana, time with friends.

    Excellent resolution you’ve got yourself lady! You’re going to rock 2014!

    Also, side note, my cousin in law was at that same concert last night. Looks like a blast!

    • I’m such a list maker!! There is nothing as satisfying as crossing an item off the to do list. But I think I just spent too much time in to do list tunnel vision this year. So having more fun and living life seem like an item to go on the list :) On another note, I love that you bought a planner. I switched to using google calendar in 2013 and I can’t help but wonder if I wouldn’t rather have a paper calendar, if it didn’t somehow make me feel more organized…

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE your ideas of camping in the mountains, driving across Montana and spending time with friends! I’ve never been to Montana, but it looks breathtaking on your blog!

      Meanwhile, the Billy Joel concert was INCREDIBLE!! It was like a giant sing-along of hits I had forgotten. And even more so…he played song after song you had almost forgotten existed, but still knew every word to (like “Don’t Ask Me Why”). It was the best way to ring in the New Year! Wishing you a very happy new year! Thanks for reading! xoxo

  2. OMG, I’m so glad to read I’m not the only one with lists everywhere. Only I wasn’t that organized in keeping them neatly in one notebook. I scribbled lists everywhere, or kept them in my mind (and forgot a few). I bought two new notebooks and I will try and be more organized in my lists, but I cannot live without lists. It’s nice to jot down ideas, goals, lists of things to do, places to see and visit, etc. :-) Guess I’m addicted to them. 😉

    But you’re soooooo right about having much more fun! That is also one of my own goals for this year! I LOVE your idea of finding more reasons for dancing in the streets and just have much more fun and stress less about what people think of you or whatever we stress about… That is such a brilliant idea! I will certainly get that on my lists of goals too. :-)

    Have a very happy 2014 Stacey and I wish you all the best, with loads of magical moments, joy, cheer and some dancing in the streets once in a while.
    Big hug,
    Inge xxx

    • Hi Inge,

      I’m totally addicted to lists, too :)

      And so glad you will be joining me in dancing in the street! The more the merrier :)

      I wish you a wonderful, magical, dancing-in-the-street filled New Year!

      Big hug right back!


  3. I’m adding dance in the street to my list of goals for 2014! I live by my to do list and sometimes it seems like I barely make time for fun. Hmmm, maybe I should add it to my to do list as a recurring event. That way, each day I have no excuse to not do something absolutely fun and amazing. Happy New Year!

    • Love it!! I’m honestly putting “have fun” on my to do list and making a point to add time for fun to my calendar, too. There definitely needs to be time for fun!

      Happy New Year!


  4. Great plan! I need to do the same in 2014.

  5. I love making lists! (haha, I am SO type-a!) I hope you had a great NYE!

  6. Dancing is always a great idea! Happy New year 😀

  7. In 2014, I want to work with greater focus + efficiency…so that I can cut loose, goof around + enjoy dancing (probably in the kitchen for me) all the better. I wrote about a few of my resolutions today, but they really boil down to ACTING to address whatever life brings my way. Whether it’s a problem, an opportunity or a dirty dish in the sink, I want to confront it head-on with patience and grace.

    Happy new year Stacey!

    • Patience and grace! Yes! I should add that to my resolutions for 2014, as well!! And I love the idea of dancing in the kitchen! And I love the idea of taking action to better your life.

      Happy new year Alicia! xoxo


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