Goal Get It

Everybody has a goal. What’s your goal? My goal is to get back to the gym.

Continuing the good news of 2014, the sports injury that had me sidelined for all of 2013 is healing and my doctor has released me from the bench. Sigh of relief! With a “woo-to-the-hoo” sprinkled on top for good measure.

#goalgetit My plan to get back in the gym and achieve my goals! // Likes to Smile

(Image via Unsplash by Petra Dr)

Back in 2012, I was the girl who never missed a workout. I got my touschie to the gym four times a week, easy peasy. I craved going. Every time, I was able to do a little bit more and frankly, I was putting my high school self to shame. I went and left feeling healthy. Feeling strong. Feeling proud. Most of all, I left feeling relaxed (well, hello, 2014 New Year’s Resolution)!

And then sports injury.

Despite being released from the bench, I’m no where near as fit as I was. I don’t have the distance, endurance or strength. If I’m being honest, I’m frustrated. It’s going to be a very long road back. And I’m going to have to be very good at listening to my body and slowing down when it tells me to.

So while my doctor has granted me permission to begin the process of getting back in the game, my motivation is nowhere to be found. I think my best choice at this point is “fake it until I make it.” Silly as it may seem, more often than not, “faking it until I make it” often gets me started down great roads.

I came up with a very simple plan. I’m going to go to the gym, three times a week for thirty minutes. I already scheduled gym appointments in my calendar that I’m simply going to keep. Every time I keep my appointment and go to the gym, I’m going to tweet that I went and sign the tweet with the hashtag #goalgetit. I’m going after my goal. And I’m going to “goal” get it.

Nothing would make me happier than if others would join in on the #goalgetit hashtag. For any goal you have. My thinking is that if we all notice others working towards whatever goal they may have, it will motivate me (or you) to work towards my (your) goal, too. Thus, we can all work together to motivate each other. Because it’s more fun to achieve your goal with friends by your side!

I’m going to #goalgetit! I hope you’ll join me on any goal you have (gym-related or otherwise). You can follow along with me on Twitter here.

And you? What goals are you going after this New Year?

Wishing you a 2014 filled with #goalgetit’s!

Until next time!


Postscript 1: I had written this post ahead of the New Year beginning and on New Year’s day, as I was sitting on the couch trying to convince myself to “get my touschie to the gym,” I saw Eileen instagram this. It was the a-ha I needed. It reminded me I wanted to go the gym and it wasn’t a guilt thing. Thank you, Eileen. Off I went. #goalgetit

Postscript 2: Friday usually has a Smile List, but I wanted to get this post up and get after my goal, instead. My hope is that getting a start in the gym this weekend will make me smile big. As to the Smile List, it will be back next week and I’ll double up on the link goodness! Happy weekending everyone! I hope you #goalgetit this weekend! xoxo


  1. Great idea! I’ve taken the last 2 weeks off from running since the kids have been home from school. The first week I really didn’t miss it, but now I’m really itching to get back out there! Happy New Year :)

    • Hi Moira!! I’m so glad you like the idea!! And running? I love it! Hope you get back out there and I’ll join you! Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. You got this! I pretty much have the same goal, to get to the gym more. Working towards 3x a week is a good starting point. It will be great to encourage eachother over social media. I’ll be sure to tweet with the #goalgetit!

    Happy New Year to you too!

    • Thanks so much, Katie! Yes! I’m so looking forward to your tweeting #goalgetit! I ‘m cheering for you from NYC! Gym buddies for the win!

      Happy New Year! xoxo

  3. Good luck with your goal! I’ll be here cheering you on! And I can’t wait to tweet #goalgetit!

  4. Good for you! Just take your time and ease back into it. I’ve been applying that approach to skating. It was years since I’d laced up my skates and I can’t do some of the things I could before without being stupidly sore for days, or I was just scared to try (have I mentioned that falling hurts?) So I’ve been pushing, little by little, going back again and again but still listening to my body and not forcing myself to anything I’m just not ready to try again. There’s getting out of your comfort zone and there’s reckless abandon that can end in more injury, so I think you’ve got the right approach. Plus, you and Eileen are motivating me to get back on a more consistent workout schedule. I’m in for #goalgetit!

    • Thanks so much, Jenn! I’m so impressed with your back to skating attitude. I can’t wait to hear more about it ! And I think you are right… there is getting out of your comfort zone and there is reckless abandon that can end in injury (and I’ve frankly had enough injury for a lifetime). As to motivation – let’s all motivate each other! My favorite kind of motivation!! Hope you’re having a great weekend (with a little bit of ice skating)! xoxo

  5. I am a gym junkie too! I head to the gym (weights) or run 6 days a week. And i eat like a bodybuilding man (ha ha!). Love your goals! Fitness and books wise. You sound very much life myself from your blog posts. I’m so glad I stumbled on this blog – considering, despite being 24 years old, I don’t understand where or how to find blogs and I don’t even have twitter.

    • Hi Jess!

      Hahaha! I wish I ate like a body building man! I am recovering from a sports injury (still), so the gym is a challenge. But I’m getting there. I’m so glad you stumbled on my blog, too, and please feel free to come any time! I love hearing from you!

      As to finding blogs, it’s interesting, as you read more and more, you’ll find more and more because bloggers tend to link to one another.

      All the best,


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