2014 Winter Must List

Allyssa and I are back at it again. It is Winter Must List time (prior editions: Fall and Summer)!

Winter Must List // Likes to Smile & The Barn

Allyssa and I have created a list of 10 things we must do this season and published half the list on my blog and half the list on her blog. Lots of goodness to go around!

Without further ado…


Allyssa: I’m so behind on my reading (I have 10+ books just waiting to be read), but I really want to read Morning Glory. Sarah Jio’s books are always a good read!

Stacey: Lies You Wanted to Hear by James Whitfield Thomson! It’s about the stories you tell yourself and how that impacts your life. Appears to have all the trappings of a good, psychological thriller. You know I’ll let you know how it is!


Allyssa: That Awkward Moment looks good. Plus it stars Zac Efron, so there’s that.

Stacey: I really want to see Her before award show season begins! Who’s watching the Golden Globes this weekend?


Allyssa: NYC! The last time I was there was over the summer. It’s about time I plan another day in the city!

Stacey: Cancun! Stay tuned, I’m going to make it happen.


Allyssa: My mom makes the best pot roast, which is a perfect meal after a cold winter day. It makes the house smell amazing and it’s simply delicious.

Stacey: Lobster Bisque from the Seafood Shop in East Hampton. It is exactly how a beach house should taste in the winter. Heavenly!


Allyssa: Scarves, scarves, and more scarves. I might have gone a little crazy buying myself scarves (and getting them as gifts!), so I need to wear them!

Stacey: Smartwool socks. Since I walk everywhere I go, it is well worth every penny to have nice, warm toes in the winter. I’m obsessed with these socks (so warm, so cozy, and so nicely padded). They are ah-mazing. Clearly it was “smart” to buy quite a few pairs.

Want to know our Must Winter Tradition, Must See TV, Must Drink, Must DIY and Must Do? I thought you would. Head on over to Allyssa’s blog and check them out!

But before you go… Tell me: what are your Must Read, Must See Movie, Must Travel To, Must Eat and Must Wear?

Until next time!



  1. I need to get some Smartwool socks. They sound amazing! And yay for winter musts! Is it sad that I’m already thinking up my spring musts?

    • Oh my goodness, yes! You definitely need Smartwool socks. They are a gamechanger.

      I’m already thinking up summer musts. I’m so not cut out for winter! :) Can’t wait for our next ones!

  2. Apparently I must try those socks, being an all-weather walker myself. Today it’ll be out in the wind chill and flash freeze… sticking to the main street sidewalks where hopefully the businesses have salted and shovelled.

    And hello Lies You Wanted to Hear… must check this out. The stories we tell ourselves. I just wrote about this in my journal this morning!

    As usual, Stacey reads my mind…

    • You must try Smartwool!! They are a gamechanger. My favorites!

      I hope “Lies You Wanted to Hear” is good!! But I have a good feeling based on the first chapter.

      Stay warm out there today! xoxo

  3. This is the second time in the past week someone mentioned Smartwool…had never heard of it before. Just popped over to Amazon and realized they have tights too! I’m a huge fan of skirts and boots in the winter..this sounds like a must have item :)

    • Mariah,

      You will not be disappointed, I promise!! I also love skirts and boots in the winter. I usually wear Hue tights and put on a pair of Smartwool socks over them before slipping on my shoes! Maybe I should try the tights, too… Let me know how they are?!

      Stay warm out there! Happy New Year!


  4. Smartwool socks are my JAM! Seriously, best Christmas present ever–I wore some under my snow boots while scraping my car free this morning.

    I’m so curious about Her as well. I almost never make it out to the movies, but it looks pretty heart-melting…and thought-provoking.

    • Smartwool for the win, for sure!! So glad you were warm while scraping your car free!!

      I agree, Her looks very heart-melting and thought-provoking. Sometimes I love movies and sometimes it takes awhile for me to get to them, but I was on a roll this winter: American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club and Inside Llewyn Davis. All three were incredible. Hoping to add Her to the list before the Oscars!

      Stay warm out there! xoxo

  5. I have been wearing smartwool socks for years! LOVE THEM. My feet and hands are always cold, but they keep my feet warm. I think you may have inspired me to write about them now. I love my UGG slippers too! There are lots of movies out I want to see. I saw Walter Mitty and Philomena recently which were both great movies. I didn’t realize the Golden Globes were on this weekend. I’ll be tuning in! My must read is Daring Greatly and the War of Art, Must see TV Downton Abbey!

    • I think we should all write about smartwool socks! :) What a genius invention!

      I’ll have to go check out your must reads. Allyssa announced on her blog (www.thebarnblog.com) that she will be reading 50 books this year, or that that is her goal. She asked for others to join in and I said I would. Thus, I’m definitely in need of book recommendations!

      I’m so excited for the Golden Globes. They are this weekend (Sunday night) and being hosted by Tina and Amy. I have an inkling it will be very fun television.


  6. What a fun must list! Thanks for all the great links, I will definitely be checking them out later. My must travel to was London and NYC, London will be happening very soon… NYC somewhere in the near future hopefully! :-) And I’m not sure if this is a must see (you guys may have seen it already) but from what I’ve seen on the trailer on tv lately, the Wolf of Wall Street with DiCaprio looks like a cool movie to watch. :-) And happy socks, scarfs, heels and nail polish is one of my many musts to wear. 😉 Haha! There are so many books still on my shelves to read, so I’m not listing all the books out here, or I would be busy until tomorrow (LOL) but I definitely know what my must eat is… chocolate cake! 😀 Such a sin but sooooo delicious when you’re up for it. :-)
    Great list Stacey! Always cool to see what things you love…. It reminds me to share more of myself too on the blog. Will be giving a good thought about these lists. :-)
    Much love and a big hug to you! xxx Inge

    • Hi Inge! Oooo! I love both London and NYC! I can’t wait to read about your London travels on your blog!

      Now, if only I could join you for a piece of chocolate cake…

      And definitely share more of yourself on your blog, as one of your readers, I promise you, we love to read it!


  7. Ohhh…you guys picked some really great stuff! Okay so to answer your super hard questions: Must Read – my design school textbooks (doesn’t sound too exciting but I get to take Residential Design this semester!), Must See Movie: We tend to miss most of the movies in the theater (which stinks), but I love watching older movies on Netflix, Must Travel To: England (where our oldest is in a Phd program), Must Eat: Pasta, pasta, and more pasta (I try not to eat wheat – but it’s worth it every once in a while), and Must Wear: I’ve decided I’m now only wearing (dressier) jeans and skirts to work/school. No more business pants for me!! :-)

    • Hi Kristen,

      I love that you are so into design school!! I can’t wait to read more and more about it on your blog!!

      And I hear you on the pasta (and more pasta), though my winter vice tends to be Macaroni and Cheese!!

      I love the new look to go with the design school! It’s like you redesigned yourself, too! There is something about business pants that makes me think of the movie “Baby Boom” and Diane Keaton! So I’m with you on the dressy jeans and skirts band-wagon.



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