Let’s Chat #5

Hello Dear Readers!

Let's Chat // Likes to Smile

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We haven’t chatted since October and I’m so excited to catch up with you. These are some of my favorite posts, I love getting to know you better!

Here’s how it works: I’ll pose questions and answer them in this post and you can answer in the comments. I promise to chat back with you!

The questions:
1) How did you spend your holiday season? (or if you rather, what’s your favorite holiday tradition?)
2) Question two is a two-parter. Part One: Which movie do you think will win the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy this Sunday: Inside Llewyn Davis, American Hustle, Her, Nebraska, or The Wolf of Wall Street? Did you see them?
Part Two: Which TV show do you think will win the Golden Globe for Best TV Series, Drama this Sunday: The Good Wife, Breaking Bad, Masters of Sex, House of Cards or Downton Abbey? Do you watch the shows?
3) Would you rather be best friends with Amy Poehler or Tina Fey? {I’ve obviously got the Golden Globes on my brain}
4) Ice skating, skiing, sledding or snow bunny?
5) Red lipstick: do, don’t or working up the courage?

The answers:

I joined my siblings at my parent’s beach house in East Hampton (see summertime pictures of the town here). All of us lounged around and relaxed. It was heavenly. I caught up on sleep and read three books. Book one was David Baldacci’s King and Maxwell and it was excellent. It’s the sixth book in the King and Maxwell series, which follows two former Secret Service agents solving the ‘case of the week.’ Book two was Wendy Wax’s The Accidental Bestseller. I thought the story was fun, but the storytelling left much to be desired. I enjoyed it, but wouldn’t highly recommend it. And finally, book three was Glennon Melton’s Carry On Warrior. She blogs at Momastery, possibly making me the only non-Mom to read a mommy blog. But I love her thoughts on life and how we treat one another. Her worldview came shining through in her book, too.

Part One: I saw, loved and am rooting for Inside Llewyn Davis.
Part Two: Breaking Bad. I’m in envy of the skill level of that writer’s room. I watched the entire series this summer and still think about how smart, savvy and creative the writers are. Wow!

Tina! That woman is an ambitious go-getter. She has two (TWO!) TV shows in the works. But what I love most about her is that she always tells everyone that her red carpet look took 5 hours, starvation and a team to create. I think it sends a great message to women everywhere that a red carpet body isn’t natural. I think it’s an inspired and important message. Plus, she’s funny! J’adore Tina!

While I never turn down ice skating in Central Park, if I was somewhere truly snowy, I would choose being a snow bunny. This girl would always prefer to be poolside (in warm weather) and likes to hibernate when it gets very snowy. Likewise, I love the idea of warming up by a fire with a hot chocolate in hand.

Still working up the courage. I’m getting there. Stay tuned.

And you? Can’t wait to read your answers in the comments.

Until next time!


Postscript: If you’re interested, past chats can be found here: Chat 1, Chat 2, Chat 3, and Chat 4.


  1. 1. Let’s see. I started the holiday season off with lots of baking. On Christmas Eve I went to my grandma’s house. That’s my favorite holiday tradition. We’ve been going there since before I could remember. She also has this tradition of letting my sister, cousin, and I pick out an ornament from her tree and she also hides pickle ornaments for us to find. Traditionally, I believe you’re supposed to hide one and whoever finds it gets a prize. But being the awesome grandma she is, she hides 3 of them so we each get one! On Christmas day I spent the morning opening presents with my mom and sister. Then we cooked a chicken and just lounged around. It was so peaceful and relaxing.
    2a. I’ll go with American Hustle because that’s the only one I keep hearing about.
    2b. I think it’ll either be Breaking Bad or Downton Abbey. I’ve never watched any of the shows though, so who knows!
    3. How can I pick?! Tina and Amy are both awesome!
    4. Well I’ve never been ice skating or skiing, but I sure do love sledding! As a child I used to walk to a lake near my house and there was a hill that was great for sledding! I do want desperately to go ice skating though!
    5. Nope! I think it looks great on other people, but I’m not one for lip color. Plus I’m pretty sure I’d be the one to smudge it all over my face! haha.

    • Hi Allyssa,

      Oooo!! I never knew that about the pickle ornament tradition!! How incredible. I love it. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas.

      You need to watch Breaking Bad like I need to watch the Blacklist. Oh so good!

      I’ll grant you both Tina and Amy as BFF’s!!

      You’ve never been ice skating? I was just reading somewhere about beginner ice skating lessons in NYC (ooo! It was in New York Magazine). You should check it out. You could do it when you “must” visit NYC! I would offer to go with you, but hip injury has me sidelined from skating. But winter 2015…the offer stands! I love sledding, too!

      HAHAHAHA! I would so smudge it all over my face, too. Stacey the clown! :) But I’m still going to try it!


  2. Okay let’s see here:

    1) Well we nursed a sick kitty (he’s fine now) and fought off a cold before I got the flu shot (argh!), and generally hung around the house and ate whatever we wanted…Paying for that now, of course. :-)
    2) I hate to admit that I didn’t see any of those movies (but I want to and will!), but I’m betting that Her will win (only because it’s been so long since Spike Lee has been nominated for anything and so much of the awards are politics anyway). And I only watched Downton in the beginning, but I did watch a few seasons of Breaking Bad, and I bet they’ll win.
    3) Tina!
    4) Snow bunny, I guess? Even though I’ve lived most of my life where it snows, I’m still not a fan.
    5) Sure, why not? I’ve worn it a few times in my life, but I didn’t love it. When I want to go bright, I go with a coral peach-red (it’s Kate Moss for Rimmel) that I love!

    • Hi Kristen!

      So happy to hear your kitty is feeling better!!

      I’m hoping Breaking Bad wins. If you’re interested in revisiting the series, it was the best series finale I ever did see. The writing is truly phenomenal.

      I pick, Tina, too.

      I grew up in snowy Ohio and the snow makes me yearn for summer like you wouldn’t believe. Snow bunnies for the win!

      Ooo! I’ll have to look for that lipstick color!


  3. 1) The ice storm here in Toronto meant re-thinking how I expected to spend my days, since it was hard to get anywhere and my husband was at work for 14 days straight. There was a lot of baking, reading, watching TV, and actually enjoying time with my teenagers who were enjoying time with us too. So, holiday time spent appreciating the quiet and simple things in life.
    2) Uh oh. I’ll have to admit I don’t know who the nominees are. But, let’s hear it for the Internet. The movie noms don’t resonate much with me. TV: I’m too in love with The Good Wife to root against it. And haven’t watched the others.
    3) Tina
    4) Skating. I’m Canadian. Sliding around on quarter inch steel blades on a slippery surface that feels like concrete when you fall on it? What could go wrong?
    But the rink is the place we listened to our favorite hits and hoped some guy would notice us or hold our hand on a Saturday night. There’s something very vulnerable about skating.
    5) Nope. Same as Allyssa — I don’t wear lip color. Burt’s Bees lip balm.

    • Hi Susie!

      Baking sounds fun! What did you bake?

      HAHAHA! That is such a Canadian answer about skating!!

      Burt’s Bees lip balm used to be my favorite until I tried Aveda Lipsavers. Game changer, I’m telling you!


  4. I love this Let’s Chat series. So fun!

    1) My husband and I started a new tradition last year where we get drinks at a fancy hotel to kick off holiday vacation. This year my mom was a able to join us, so that made it extra special. This year we sent the holidays with my family in St. Louis. We switch between St. Louis and Omaha, where Chad’s family is from. It was a great holiday!
    2) Part 1: I’ve only seen American Hustle, which was not as good as I was expecting, so I guess I’ll pick that. :)
    Part Two: I’m guessing Breaking Bad. I still need to finish the series and I love Downton Abbey!
    3) I’m gonna be a rebel and say neither. Mindy Kaling all the way. While I love Amy and Tina, Mindy is my spirit animal!
    4) Skiing, but I haven’t done it in years!
    5) I have a red lipstain that I love. It’s not a bright classic red, it has more blue in it and I feel more comfortable. Baby steps!

    • Hi Katie!!

      Ooooo! Drinks at a fancy hotel?! That sounds like a heavenly tradition!

      Let me know when you finish Breaking Bad!! OMG! Amazing.

      I just started Mindy’s book!!

      I’ve never tried skiing!!

      Hehehe.. yess!! Baby steps. Maybe I should try lip stain, too….


  5. This is such a nice feature! Here I go:
    1) Favorite holiday tradition: one I’m making with my family! We make panettone french toast on Christmas morning and have a big brunch together. Simple and sweet.
    2) I’ve only seen Wolf of Wall Street, and man did I hate that story. I really want to see “Her” though! Best drama…I haven’t seen Breaking Bad or Downton Abbey recently or Masters of Sex ever buuut I like The Good Wife. I fail at TV/movies and I’m ok with that.
    3) WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CHOOSE ONE?! I’d probably go with Amy Poehler but that’s mostly so I can hang out with Nick Offerman. They are equally smart and funny and awesome.
    4) Sledding all the way. I’m excited to try snowshoeing at my staff retreat this year!
    5) Working up the courage + finding the perfect shade. I have a couple but really don’t find them that flattering. I haven’t quite figured out the cool/warm thing.

    • Hi hi!

      What’s panettone french toast?

      I want to see Wolf of Wall Street, but I’m nervous about it for that very reason! I’m going to see Her this upcoming weekend and cannot wait!

      Haha! Love that you pick Amy to get Nick!! Very smart way to up the ante there!

      Ooo! I’ve always wanted to try snowshoeing, too!

      I’m also working up the courage! Maybe we can virtually hold hands and try out the red lip color?!


  6. It is just a delight to be back on your blog, and I love the promotion of conversation between writer and reader. Clever one you are, Stacey!

    1) I spent my holiday season with family celebrating the news of my cousin’s pregnancy.
    2) Ooh, this is the point at which I have to admit that I don’t have cable nor have I seen any of the movies or shows mentioned.
    3) Tina Tina Tina!
    4) Snowshoeing for me!!
    5) For me, it’s a don’t. I play up my eyes any chance I get.

    • It’s so nice to have you back!! I was so excited to see so many comments from you!

      A new baby is so exciting!

      No cable? My worst nightmare! I love me some TV…

      Oh yes, I love me some Tina!

      I’ve never been snow-shoeing and have ALWAYS wanted to go!

      I’ve worn it now, twice! But I’m with you, I love me some mascara!