Smiles, Quotes and Links #1

I’m still playing around with the format of that old Smile List. Right now, I’m loving a quote and a list of thinks that make me smile. I’ll keep with that until I find another tweak I like more.

Create Moments // Likes to Smile

This year I resolved to find more reasons to dance in the street. And to create more moments. This is my addition to this week’s #inspiremefriday; where a great group of gals (hello Eileen, Jenn and Alicia) all share inspirational quotes on Twitter. Jump in on the conversation – everyone is lovely and it’s fun! A few quotes, some conversation, some delight! Inspiration, for the win.

Speaking of inspiration, let’s talk about all the amazing things making me smile these past couple of weeks:

1) Eileen posted this instagram, which reminded me that I love the gym and don’t need guilt to get myself there. It was the perfect start to my own, personal #goalgetit campaign. Thank you, Eileen!

2) Jenn inspired me to declare 2014 the “Year of Stacey,” after reading why she declared it the “Year of Jenn.” Ah-mazing.

3) Allyssa is reading 50 books this year. I couldn’t be more excited to join in.

4) Jess posted a list of 10 books to read to help keep resolutions.

5) Tina and Amy host the Golden Globes this weekend. Who’s watching with me?!

6) I’m contemplating making a no-sew resolution banner! It could say “Dance In The Street!”

7) Alicia posted the body resolution, where every Monday in January, she’ll post a blog talking about a different way to love your body. I can’t wait to watch this series unfold. Here’s the second post.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Surprise! I’m in Mexico (look who made that must happen). I loaded up my Kindle with more books than you can imagine and have daydreams of relaxing in the sunshine. Real rest. Real relaxation. Creating some moments for myself. Hey, look who’s keeping her New Year’s resolution, already!

And you? What’s making you smile this week?

Until next time!



  1. Great links! I love the no sew resolution banner. Have a fabulous time in Mexico! Soak up some sun for me :)

  2. Love the #goalgetit mantra! Such a great way to reaffirm our dedication to health. Great thinking, lady! And thanks for the SO. Sweetest!

  3. Love that banner! It would be so fun to put quotes from children’s books in my boys rooms. Have a blast in Cancun! Soak up all that sunshine for the rest of us :)

    • Oooo!!! Quotes from children’s books would be perfect on that banner!! Definitely share the link if you make it and blog about it! xoxo

  4. Mexico, you lucky duck! I’ve got to put a warm destination on my list for next winter. Escape from the polar vortex!

    Thanks for linking to the LYB resolution! I really like Jess’s helpful books too. I’m working on the 7 Habits now.

    • Yes! You definitely need to escape from the polar vortex, it was heavenly!!

      I need to download the 7 Habits book. I just downloaded The Power of Habit.

      It was my pleasure to link to you! Thanks for such an inspiring series! xoxo

  5. Oh lucky you!!! Have fun and get a beautiful tan while you’re in Mexico sweetie! I think I could use some “soleil” too, but that will be after the baby is born… :-) And how great of you that you’re already keeping up with so many resolutions, you go girl! You’re already totally rocking your year Stacey!
    I hope you’re having loads of fun and don’t forget to keep us posted on your adventures in Mexico, I’d love to see more of your trip there…
    Hugs and much love,
    Inge x

    • Hi Inge,

      I hope you get a sunny trip after the baby is born!!

      Maybe I will post a bit about my trip to Mexico on the blog… stay tuned (and we’ll see if any good photos turned out…).


  6. Lots of great things to smile about! I hope you’re enjoying Mexico and lots of sunshine!

  7. 50 books? Okay!!

    Can Anna Karenina count as 2? :)