If You Get A New Bed…

I’m having a bit of a “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” moment…

In October, I bought a new bed (mattress + box spring). It was time. I upgraded from a Full size to a Queen size. Heavenly!

But then… If you buy a new bed, you will need new bedding. And if you buy new bedding, you will want to read in bed. So you will want new bedside lighting. Chocolate chips and milk, someone gave this mouse a cookie!

I have been on the hunt for new bedding since October. But I’ve purchased nothing, because I’m hesitating to decide on a look. The bedding will need to coordinate with everything in my studio apartment, as I will be seeing it all the time.

I have no headboard, it is just the bed against the wall. The walls in my apartment are grey (Manhattan Mist to be exact). The other two main colors in the apartment are wood (most of the furniture) and white. Any new bedding needs to work with my grey, wood and white color theme.

I did what you do. I turned to Pinterest and created a Bedroom Ideas pinboard. And then I found it. The inspiration. I heard bells ringing.

Bedroom Color Inspiration: I love the fun patterned pillows against a grey and white backdrop! // Likes to Smile

(Image 1 & Image 2)

I fell in love with the couch on the left and the window seat on the right. I loved how the bold and bright patterns popped off the grey couch or the white window seat. It was like someone took my apartment’s color palette and added vibrancy! And happiness! Now I knew what to look for.

Bedroom Inspiration // Likes to Smile

(Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 & Image 4)

I had a bit of trouble finding exactly what I was looking for. I found a lot of grey rooms with white bedding. In looking at these, I noticed I loved the feeling of serenity they created. I particularly love the mix of textures in Image 1.

But I also loved the bright pops in the bottom row. Please forgive the barely visible bed in Image 3, clearly the accessories were the point of the picture, but the bed does peek out and I love the color scheme. The bright colors do pop really nicely against the grey and white.

Which makes me think that adding bright accent colors to my bedding will brighten up my one room apartment and make it more cheerful. I love the idea of adding color with a lot of pillows, because I love the support they provide when I read in bed. And I still need to hunt for the perfect lighting. There’s that mouse with his cookie again…

But I shall start with bedding. First I need to decide the serenity verses cheerful debate. And then I shall make a mood board to see the look before I purchase. Stay tuned for more decisions…

And you? What would you choose? Serenity or cheerful, bold accents? Any bedding you’ve fallen in love with lately? Feel free to share links to inspiration in the comments.

Until next time!


Postscript: Hi, Mom! Thank you for loaning me bedding while I figure out exactly what I want! xoxo


  1. I’m in the process of upgrading my bedding as well- it’s such a great feeling! It’s no secret that I love neutrals (and more neutrals), but I do love the way that pops of color look! I’d still probably buy a neutral colored duvet cover (maybe navy or dark, charcoal grey) then purchase colored pillows and a throw blanket. That way you can pull off the colored look, but if you change your mind down the road, you can replace the colorful elements with white textured pillows.

    • Ooooo!! I can’t wait to see what bedding you pick!! And let me know if you add pops of color! I like your point a lot — you can always remove! xoxo

  2. I have grey walls in my bedroom and I chose bedding that is aqua and green with a touch of grey. I love how it brightens the room. I can totally see wanting to go the relaxing route though. I agree that going with bold accessories would be fun! If you like the look of white bedding, you could go with that and then pick cheerful pillows. I love the top right image since it’s a white base with pops of color. Also, if you go with white (or some other neutral color), if you ever got bored of the bold look you could just switch out the accessories and go with the calming look.

    • Oooo!! Aqua and green and grey must be gorgeous together!! Maybe I should look for those colors for pillows. I love having a lot of pillows too, it makes it more comfortable to read in bed.

  3. I love the colorful pillows in the second picture on that window seat! And I adore the white bedding in the second bedroom.

    If you’re afraid of getting tired of the bold colors too soon, you could opt for calm, serene bedding in whites/off whites/soft grey hues, and bring some color with bold colorful pillows…
    If you ask me, I’d do the same in my own bedroom that soon will be painted in a soft grey/pink with grey furniture. Our bedroom now has dark red walls on three walls (one is already painted in a soft dove grey) and the room faces north, so that means: not a lot of natural light coming in. That is why we will finally decided on a softer grey/pink color to paint over that ugly dark red… (what was I thinking 7 years ago??) The grey pink is not too girly, not too dark and I’m sure it will freshen up our bedroom. I would also opt for extra color in the accessories (like pillows, throws, rugs or little accessories like candles, etc.) – because that is always changeable (and it will probably give the mouse chocolate cookies in the future. ;-)).

    Hope you’ll figure it out soon, but I’d say: just have fun looking around and then start shopping!! :-) I cannot wait for the results on your blog!
    Hugs, Inge x

    • You know I’ll share the results :)

      I hope you share bedroom pictures, too! I feel like dark red walls were very trendy 7 years ago. And maybe grey is trendy now?! Either way…I’m sure the new color will be beautiful.

      I think my plan is to go all white with colorful pillows!


  4. I would go with the bold colors like #4. If the rest of your apartment is more neutral, a pop of color may be a great change up. Best of luck!!

    • I think you’re right. Plus, if I decide it’s too much, it’s easy to remove an accessory! Thank you! xoxo

  5. Our bedroom is gray too, a bit darker than yours. I went with white bedding and a pop of color on the throw pillows and our nightstands. You can see a snapshot of our bedroom here: http://twinstripe.com/blog/dipped-nightstand/. I really like it, but I’m looking for some new bedding to mix it up too. Looking forward to seeing your final decision!

  6. This is a tough one. I find myself drawn to the serenity look, but I also like a little color. I have mostly warm tones in my home. I would go with neutral bedding with some texture to it and then do pops of color with your pillows. You can always easily change out your pillows for a different look or maybe with the seasons. You seem like a color person to me. Have fun shopping for new bedding :) I like the look of number 4. It’s a little of both.

    • Hi Dawn!

      I love if You Give a Mouse a Cookie, too! I think I’m going to go for the serenity look, but with pops of color from pillows. Pillows are easyt o change! But I do think I want the color from them. Thanks for your suggestions — I think they are spot on!


  7. I forgot to mention, If You Give A Mouse a Cookie was one of my favorite books I read to my kids. We also had if You Give A Moose A Muffin.

  8. I have found that I like serenity where I sleep. I used to long for lots of natural light and large windows, but in truth, I want a little cave to sleep in! Those bold pops are amazing and I love seeing your finds, Stacey. Those would go into my living space!

    • I quickly went from desperate for new sheets to desperate for new lights. The light near my bed is officially dead. And I love to read in bed… Uptown problems, to be certain!

      I think I like serenity in my whole apartment, but I’m trying to embrace color because I think it will infuse some happiness into the space.



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