Oh, Oh, Mexico

When James Taylor sings about Mexico he says, “It sounds so simple, I’d just got to go. The sun’s so hot, I forgot to go home.”  He’s right. If only I forgot to go home!

I started a new job this month. Just before I started, I wanted to take a trip, enjoy some sunshine and read a lot on my Kindle. In fact, I read 5 books in 6 days. It’s amazing how much reading you can enjoy when your only plan for the day is to sit on a lounge chair and read.

I had been to Cancun before and was less interested in exploring the town. My whole goal was to be at a gorgeous resort and enjoy a lounge chair.

And did this resort ever deliver! I was thrilled. I found a great deal on Orbitz for Moon Palace resort in Cancun. I loved it and couldn’t recommend it more highly. In fact, I’m certain I’ll go back at some point in the future (counting down the days as I write this). *NOTE: I paid for the trip entirely myself and was given no perks.

Take a look:

Mexico // Likes to Smile

Walking around the resort.

Mexico // Likes to Smile

Mexico // Likes to Smile

There’s the beach! And just to the left of the grass is three pools. I could easily switch between the ocean and the pools throughout the day.

Mexico // Likes to Smile

Mexico // Likes to Smile

We’ll call the above the obligatory “ahhhhhhhhh” picture!


If you look closely, you can see the ocean water just beyond the pool.

Mexico // Likes to Smile

The chairs in the pool were heavenly! It was super refreshing to get a bit cool from the water, but to still be in the sunshine.

Mexico // Likes to Smile

Mexico // Likes to Smile

I seemed to see the same part of the resort over and over based on the pictures I took. Blue sky, blue water, I was in heaven.

My other favorite part of the trip was the opportunity to practice my Spanish. Every Mexican I met (mostly those working at the resort) were incredibly gracious and happy to make small talk with me in Spanish. It really sparked my desire to improve my Spanish and become more fluent. I want to research both places to take courses/practice in New York and iPhone apps, as well.

Obviously, my idea of a dream vacation is sunshine, swimming, and my Kindle. Thanks for coming along for my iPhone photography tour!

And you? What does your dream vacation look like?

Until next time!



  1. I’m not a fan of Cancun (my family goes to Tulum for Thanksgiving every year) but that resort looks lovely! Much more my speed than the place we stayed a few years ago.

    • Hi Corrin,

      What’s Tulum like? I saw so many signs for it, but have never been!

      What’s next on your travel wishlist? I generally like anywhere with sunshine, where you can swim outside.


  2. It looks so relaxing. I’ve heard Moon Palace is amazing….and 5 books, that’s impressive!

    • Hi Kelly!

      It was so amazing, I highly recommend it! I basically read all day, everyday. Heavenly!

      By the way… Gone Girl? Did you finish? Thoughts?


      • I did finish it…and honestly, I am not sure what to think. I sort of wish he’d been stronger and stood up to her, but in the end part of it is his own fault. IT was a decent read, and I am looking forward to the movie, but I think I prefer books that a are a little tidier! What did you think?

        • Hi there,

          So interesting. I felt like the writing was “tidy,” in that the author stayed true to her characters and the ending made sense. I mean, the author left enough breadcrumbs throughout the story that the ending was not obvious, but that it was wholly the right ending for the story. Meanwhile, I was a bit creeped out by it and by the fact that it “seemingly” made sense. I thought it was an interesting reflection on how people can stay together and rationalize things and be terrible and conniving. But I finished reading the book and had the heebeegeebee’s and wish he had figured out a way to leave her.

          Nonetheless, it left me really excited for the movie.


  3. That looks amazing! Sounds like the perfect vacation :)

  4. Love your pictures! That resort looks amazing.

  5. Jealous!
    I think phone apps or books are good if you want to expand your vocabulary but I don’t think anything really improves your fluency unless your speaking/conversing in the language.

    • Yeah… I think you are right. I was thinking about signing up for a class, but I kinda felt like starting a new job was enough on my plate for right now… So maybe an app for my commute?


  6. I’m imagining myself there now! I’ll bet the humidity wasn’t too bad this time of year too. My dream vacation is also on a beach overlooking a beautiful blue ocean with a good book and cocktail in hand :)

  7. Nothing more relaxing to me than getting to lounge on the beach with a book! Looks heavenly.

  8. Thanks for sharing about your trip! James Taylor is the original, and my favorite, JT!