Smiles, Quotes and Links #4

Happy Friday Friends!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! I had a second great week at work and have a sense that I’m going to be very happy in my new position.

Wandering Heart // Likes to Smile

(Image via Unsplash)

Have you ever thought about where your brain goes when it daydreams? Such an interesting idea, right?! I keep catching myself being all, “A-ha self! Caught you thinking about that now!” Try it. It’s fun.

And now for the Smile List portion of this post… links I swooned over this week:

1) Just treat everybody like it is their birthday.

2) I’m debating putting this bench at the bottom of my bed.  Love at first sight.

3) Is anyone making brownie burgers for a superbowl party this weekend?

4) Feel good, look good.

5) I want to try my hand at this stamp embossed pillow, but I would make a tent stamp much like this one I made.

6) Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark. You had me at HELLO!

7) Obsessed with this artwork that Design Lovefest built this colorfest around (and the yellow tray is scrumptious, too)!

8) I’m still trying to figure out what bedding/sheets I want. But I fell in love with the mix of all white textures on this bed. Gorgeous!

9) Wednesday night I tweeted that I was desperate to find this happiness print and Allyssa tweeted back the source. She dug for it. That’s a good friend. Thank you so much, Allyssa!

10) Know what I’m looking forward to on Monday?! Who guessed it? Claim your guesses in the comments. If you guessed Book Club, you’re right! Join in. You can read it in one weekend, I read it in one day in Mexico. Do it. You’ll love it. Then come back on Monday to discuss.

And you? What are you smiling over this week?

Until next time!



  1. Those brownie burgers are amazing, and super decadent! Yum. Thanks for linking to LYB too! :)

  2. How cute are those brownie burgers?! And you’re welcome! It didn’t take me long to find :)

  3. Valentines day bark… Yum! And I love #1: treat everyone like its their bday. :)

    • I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of Kid President! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend! xoxo

  4. Love this! Every single link made me smile (or drool)!

    re # 3, Jane and I once made burger cake balls, they were complicated and messy, this looks much easier! Maybe next year.

    and re # 6, check out this recipe for Birthday Cake Bark. My friend made it and said it was easy and delicious.

    Happy Friday! xo

  5. Glad to hear your new job is going well! Love the little brownie burgers. I used to make some like that years ago, but using pre-made cookies which was easier. I’ll have to see if I can find that recipe. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Dawn,

      Great minds really do think alike! I was thinking if I made them, I would be a pre-made sheet of brownies and pre-made cookies. Is that cheating? 😉

      Hope you have a great weekend!! xoxo

  6. Congratulations on your new job! How exciting. I just returned from Boston, so I have been relaxing and catching up on blogs. Thanks for sharing the Valentine’s Day bark! It is so tasty!