Let’s Chat #6

Yeah, baby! Let’s Chat: February version is in the house (err…on the blog). Time for you and I to get our chatter on. I couldn’t be more pumped.

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I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions now (and share my responses below). If you answer in the comments, I promise to write you back!

Take Five:

1) What was your New Year’s resolution and how has it held up over the last month?
2) Exercising: by yourself or with a group?
3) What is your favorite winter meal?
4) What was your favorite childhood book series?
5) If you could wave a magic wand and grant yourself one talent: what would it be?

My Answers:

1) NEW YEAR’S. My resolution was to have more fun. Many bloggers have pointed out how trendy and cliched this resolution is, but alas, I really do think it is necessary for my mental health given the to-do list tunnel vision with which I took on the end of 2013. Thus far in 2014: I’ve seen a Billy Joel concert, been to Mexico and started a new job (that I’m loving). This resolution and I were made to dance together.

2) EXERCISE. I’m splitsies on this this one. On the one hand, I like exercising in small group classes or with one other person. I find that I get the best workouts in these situations because I push myself harder. But…I also love to crank up the iPod shuffle and just go for a long while on the elliptical. Just so long as I’m all #goalgetit.

3) WINTER MEAL. Macaroni and cheese. But the real deal, not the from the box stuff. It is the best, most comforting food on a cold, wintery day. Winner, winner, macaroni and cheese dinner.

4) BOOK SERIES. Total toss-up. Either The Baby-Sitters Club (Kristy really did have a great idea) or Camp Sunnyside Friends. I spent a lot of years babysitting and a lot of years at camp. Cue the foreshadowing!

5) TALENT. The ability to sing on key. It’s the ultimate party trick. And one I, sadly, do not possess.

And you? I would love to know how you would answer the questions. I’m so looking forward to chatting with you in the comments!

Until next time!



  1. 1) What was your New Year’s resolution and how has it held up over the last month?
    My blog motto for 2014 is “Eat cake for breakfast.” This of course carries into my everyday life. My hope is to make even small moments joyful and fun. It’s been a busy and stressful few weeks, but I’ve tried to take time to laugh and enjoy.

    2) Exercising: by yourself or with a group?
    I’ve been working out by myself, but a friend or a class is always a nice change of pace.

    3) What is your favorite winter meal?
    This is a hard one, I do love mac and cheese! But, a big bowl of chili is such a great way to take the chill off.

    4) What was your favorite childhood book series?
    Babysitters Club all the way! Loved those books.

    5) If you could wave a magic wand and grant yourself one talent: what would it be?
    Hmmmm….more self-control. Haha. Just kidding. I wish I had more of a knack for writing. I know I’m a blogger, but I prefer the creative side over the writing. :)

    Hope you’re having a great week!

    • Hi Katie!

      Thanks so much for playing along with “Let’s Chat!” Know what I would love to read on your blog, a list of all the small moments that you took time to laugh and enjoy. It would be such a good example for me!

      Oooo!!! Yes! Chili! Good call…. :)

      Which Babysitter did you most relate to? I pick Stacey (surprise, surprise)!

      We should team up! I prefer the writing side over the creative side of blogging! :)


      • Yes! I love that idea, look for a post on small moments soon. :)

        I love Kristy, I’m not as bossy, but close. Haha.

        AND YES! LET’S TEAM UP!!!! Email soon.

        • I can’t wait for a small moment’s post!! Haha! Yes, I’m saying that about myself, too: “I”m not as bossy, but close!” LOVE IT!

          Can’t wait for your email! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness, I had forgotten all about Camp Sunnyside Friends. I loved those books! My guilty pleasure was probably Christopher Pike books…so dramatic!

  3. 1. I didn’t really have a specific resolution… just a bunch of goals. The biggest one though was focusing on my business and growing it. So far, so good!
    2. Group — I can’t rely on myself to go out and exercise. I need the excuse of hanging out with someone to get me out the door!
    3. I agree with you — mac and cheese all the way! It’s just so comforting on a dreary, cold day.
    4. I was all about The Baby Sitter’s Club growing up! I remember going to the library and getting like 10 of them out at a time. I think I actually read most of the series. Nancy Drew was a runner up, but that was when I was a bit older.
    5. Hmmm, one talent…. I wish I had a better eye at decorating. In my head I have ideas, but I fail miserably at executing them. Plus, with a good eye, I’d like to think I’d be able to put together some awesome parties, which is always a good talent to have.

    • YES! Love the business and growth goals! Amazing!

      I read all the Nancy Drew’s, too.

      Who was your favorite babysitter in the club? I pick Stacey (surprise, surprise!).

      I think there is such a difference between a good eye and execution. Totally different things!

      • Is it sad that I don’t even remember all the babysitters? I only remember Kristi and Stacey and not enough to pick a favorite!

        • I think I can only name 3: Stacey, Claudia and Kristy. Google told me the 4th was Mary Anne.

  4. I am so with you on the Babysitter Club… and workouts. Although I think I lean a little more towards a group or partner at least.

    • Which babysitter did you relate to most? I loved Stacey. Oh, and Kristy. But mostly because I love to be in charge.

  5. 1.) Focus…I’m doing better but still working on enjoying the moment side of it
    2.) Group…but not too crowded. I like yoga so it is usually a group setting, I once went to a class and I was the only student..I felt really awkward
    3.). Anything soup related…I like variety :)
    4.) Nancy Drew..I had the whole set
    5.) I would have to say musical as well…singing/guitar

    Glad to hear you are loving the new job!!

    • Hi hi!

      I tend to tunnel vision a bit myself, too!

      So I’ve never tried yoga! I’m curious!

      I loved Nancy Drew too. I think I’ve read them all.


  6. Hi!! I’m sorry I haven’t been here for a while.

    1) What was your New Year’s resolution and how has it held up over the last month?
    My resolution was to eat healthier and I am doing it ever since. Lots and lots of veggies and fruit, less bread and pasta. No fast food anymore and no sweets and stuff :-) I actually feel so much better!

    2) Exercising: by yourself or with a group?
    Yoga with a group. Gives me more motivation to do it!

    3) What is your favorite winter meal?
    Difficult question. In Holland we eat lots of potatoes during the winter but I don’t really like them. I guess a nice hot soup.

    4) What was your favorite childhood book series?
    I read a lot of Pinkeltje.. But that must be Dutch :-)

    5) If you could wave a magic wand and grant yourself one talent: what would it be?
    I would love to be a better writer!


    • Hi hi!!

      I’ve been MIA too. I think sometimes in life it is just easier to be more present than at other times in life. So I will say this: I love you when you are here and I still love you, too, when you are not. And I never take it personally.

      Isn’t it amazing how much healthy eating is connected to how we feel?! I always notice when I start eating better that I feel better, as well.

      I’ve never done Yoga! I have to try it.

      I love potatoes!! But soup is nice, too.

      That is a Dutch book :)


  7. I am so behind on being part of this chat, but I want to be, so here I go.
    New Year’s Resolutions: never make them
    Exercising: I walk alone or with one other person, but need a group to make it through a full muscle workout. Otherwise I’m done after about 30 minutes and wondering how those instructors keep us busy for the full hour! Yoga I’m splitsies on, too: yin yoga by myself, flow yoga in a class but my mind disappears and I’m totally unaware of the other people.
    Childhood book series: This is a hard one. I read tons of Nancy Drew, and these British books about Gemma. There weren’t a lot of series when I was a kid.
    Fove winter meal: soup or veggie chili — and I’m a leftovers person, so I make a big batch and eat the same thing every day for lunch (the pleasures of working at home!)
    Talent: Interior design. I truly have no taste when it comes to ‘designing’ my house. I’m in my late 40s and my house looks like I just got out of college. My sister is a designer… so that’s where those genes went!

    As my daughter would say, good talk!

  8. Ah! So behind, but love this!

    1) I didn’t really set resolutions other than to make it another “Year of Jenn” and rock it out. So far, so good for the most part. January got tough, but things are getting done.
    2) Mostly by myself for a run, but skating is a group thing since we share the ice and I really do love having a running buddy. I’m hoping to get back into yoga classes, but we shall see.
    3) Hm. Not sure. I’ve been loving our cheddar potato soup with chicken and or bacon bits added in. I really just love chicken with a good spice rub and some simple rice. It’s a simple classic for me.
    4) Nancy Drew. Forever and ever, amen. I was obsessed. I wanted to be Nancy Drew. Kind of still do.
    5) I really wish I could draw or have some kind of artistic talent.

  9. Have you ever tried mac n’ cheese using quinoa in place of noodles? It’s a new textural experience, but a worthwhile one! And Stacey, I am so glad to hear that your year is starting off right and that you’re grateful for the new, fun elements it offers. And Billy Joel?! Did he play Vienna??

    1.) I do not create formal resolutions, but it’s impossible to let January 1st pass without at least mentally checking in for a self-assessment. So far, my resolution to eat out/pick up take-out less is going quite well. My trips to the grocery are much more intentional, and I’m adjusting to the idea that leftovers can be frozen. I just forget they’re in there!
    2.) It depends on the exercise; yoga or kickboxing– give me a group. A long run or bike ride? Give me one quality conversationalist! Lifting? Solo, please.
    3) My favorite meal involves any kind of oven roasted root vegetables. I love me some beets!
    4) Anne of Green Gables and the various American Girl series.
    5) Ooh, a talent? This is a fun one to answer. I used to say I wanted to be able to understand and speak every language; but lately, I find myself daydreaming about having dog whisperer talents. That’s what I would pick!