Smiles, Quotes and Links #5

Hi Friends!

Enjoy Every Moment // Likes to Smile

(Image via Unsplash)

Ever since I came back from Mexico, I keep daydreaming about finding a way to get myself to another tropical destination for President’s Day weekend. Most likely, that will remain a daydream. But I am trying to think up some equally wonderful things I would enjoy doing every moment during that weekend in NYC. What could you do that would make you enjoy every moment (even if for a short amount of time)?

And now for some link love. I swoon for:

1) This Je Te Desire Valentine’s Day DIY. Je t’aime!

2) I overuse “Je T’aime.” Which obviously means, this would be a perfect Valentine’s Day present for me.

3) David Bruton: substitute teacher and Denver Bronco’s safety. The substitute teaching has me super impressed.

It’s a light week, admittedly. I’m still trying to figure out my new routine with the new job (still wonderful).

My favorite thing that happened this week was Wednesday’s post where I chatted with you. I love hearing about you because I will never, ever be able to articulate how warmed my heart is by the fact that you read my ramblings here.

So one more question for all of you for some smiles this weekend:

Next Friday is Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it?

I love a good Valentine’s Day, First Grade style. The kind where you give every friend a nice note and everyone feels the same amount of love. I even appreciate the teachers for making sure everyone made one for everyone else. Group unity. Inclusion. The best kind of Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of remarkable teachers: this one wins a prize. I believe she is saving lives.

Until next time!



  1. Wow, I love that he’s a substitute teacher in addition to a football player. And it’s awesome that when his football career is over he wants to go back to subbing. The world needs more people like that!

    Valentine’s Day: ehhh, I’m kind of indifferent. I really don’t pay much attention to it. Although I wouldn’t turn down chocolate :)

  2. Love that Valentine’s Day diy! Happy Friday!

  3. I love the first grade-style Valentine’s Day type of celebration, too! Love notes for all my friends and some cookies for all my coworkers.

  4. That photo makes me want to take a trip! I’m a little mixed on Valentine’s Day because I think you should express love all year round and inevitably someone always gets left out or gets their feelings hurt even in First Grade. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! That bag has your name written all over it.

  5. I loved your article about the teacher who makes sure all children are included and looks out for the underdog.
    That was an inspiring story to share with anyone who works in a group/team atmosphere. Even adults can remember to include.
    Thanks for sharing that story.

    • Hi My BFF,

      I loved that story, too. It was a great reminder to step back and look at the big picture and the group dynamics. I also thought it was a great reminder to remember that social dynamics change frequently and that what was true yesterday might not be true tomorrow (or next week).

      And it is true. Even adults can remember to include.

      Lots of xoxo’s for you!