Romance is A Bag of Potato Chips

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I keep thinking about what my eight-year-old self used to think was the key to love and romance. Eight-year-old Stacey loved to imagine what it would be like to be a teenager in love. Obviously, every single notion of this I had came from the movies.

My all-time favorite movie is Meatballs. It’s classic Bill Murray. But more than that, it is all about coming of age at summer camp, for which I have professed my love all over this blog (see some proof).



My favorite couple in Meatballs is, and always has been, A.L. (the girl) and Wheels (the boy). They are the “hottest couple from last summer,” but alas, they are broken up at the beginning of the movie. Camp gossip is aflutter about whether or not they will get back together (good thing this was pre-Taylor Swift).

Flash forward to one night when they are hanging out in her cabin. She forgot their third anniversary. But he remembered. He came prepared. He pulls out potato chips from a shopping bag and they have a picnic on her bed. And wait for it… they start dancing in the moonlight pouring into the cabin.   Here’s the clip:

To this day, cartoon hearts pop out of my eyes every single time I watch this scene. When I was eight years old and saw this for the first time, I was convinced that this was the most romantic thing that could have ever happened. All one needed to live happily ever after was a bag of potato chips.

Maybe my eight year self was onto something. Maybe it is the simplest gestures that end up meaning the most.

And when in doubt… bring potato chips! Because if the movies have taught me anything…

And you? What romantic movie scene did your childhood self think was the penultimate gesture of love?

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I hope it comes with Potato Chips (even if you buy them for yourself).



  1. Aw this is so cute! I agree, it’s the simplest things that matter!! xo

  2. I definitely agree that simple gestures mean the most! I need to watch Meatballs — sounds like a great movie!

  3. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Meatballs. I wanted to go to summer camp so badly after seeing the movie. I think I skipped the whole romantic gestures and was more interested in going to camp and having fun with Bill Murray. My daughter went to her first high school dance in the fall and had visions that it would be like Grease or some other movies/shows she has watched. She was very disappointed and said a lot of people didn’t dance. If only life could be like the movies sometimes :)

    • I will say, summer camp is actually a lot like meatballs. The Olympiad, the pranks, the friendships, the romances, the ridiculous announcements, it all happens. You should go to family camp!! xoxo

      • P.S. I’m so sorry to hear your daughter went to her first dance and no one danced!! What a bummer. I’m with her, it would have been better if it had been like GREASE!

  4. I loved reading about 8-year old Stacey Beth!! She must return soon for other posts. Young Laura Beth thought that common interests or just plain things in common were the keys to romance. My second grade crush, Tyler, had the same birthday as me: July 21st. That did it for me! And in third grade, I fell for Willie, given he and I were the two shortest kids in our class.

    My celebrity crush was Ringo Starr– hear me out!! My first Beatles album was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, on which each member is featured in bizarrely-colored band uniforms and each is holding an instrument. Welp, Ringo held the trumpet; and by jove! I played the trumpet!! Celebrity match made in imagination heaven. Ah, the sweet innocence of little Laura!