Love for Blogs this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect time to give a shout out to all the blogs I read regularly and love. Thank you for brightening up my days, provoking wonderful thoughts and providing me with constant inspiration!

Blogs I Love // Likes to Smile

(Image via Unsplash by Luke Chesser)

I loosely tried to group them, but check them all out. They are all fabulous!

Design & Blogging:
Allyssa Barnes
Design Lovefest

Near and Far Montana
Leaner by the Lake
Ramblings by Rach
Joyful Scribblings
Adri’s World
Sparkle Meets Pop
Jess Lively
Glitter, Inc.
Perched on a Whim
Oh Hey
Oh Joy!
Birdie to Be

DIY & Interior Design & Crafting:
Young House Love
Simply Fabulous Chic
Lovely Indeed
A Swell Place to Dwell (& her photography blog: FiddleLeaf Photography)
Workroom Social
Style By Emily Henderson
Kristen Loves Design
Hearth and Homefront
Peppermint Bliss
Making It Lovely
There’s a Thread
House of Earnest

Stripes and Sequins
Luella & June
Cupcakes and Cashmere
Sequins and Stripes

Travel & Lifestyle Combination:
Betsy Transatlantically

52 Thank You’s

Kira Elliot
Starbucks Poetry Project

Hope you love them as much as I do!

And you? What blogs do you read everyday?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Until Next Time!


Postscript: If you feel mis-grouped, please let me know, I will happily adjust!


  1. Thank you! My blog’s first valentine!! Love right back at you and your blog! xoxo

  2. Aw. Thank you for including me! <3

  3. Thanks for including me! This is such a great list — I read a bunch of them, but there are a whole lot I don’t. Off to check them out!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. You’re so sweet! Thanks for including me! Your blog is one of my favorites too :) Happy Valentine’s day!

  5. Awww! Thanks for including me in your roundup! A few of my favorite blogs, including yours, can be found here: Have a wonderful weekend! xo

    • Awww right back at you!! Of course I included you! Read you all the time! And thanks for including me! Hope you’re having a great weekend! xoxo

  6. I’m feeling the LOVE! Thanks for including me Stacey! Your blog inspires me :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Wow! Thanks for the love and the shoutout!

  8. Thanks for the blog love Stacey! I love your blog too ! Happy Valentine’s Day…late because I’m forever behind so far in 2014!

  9. You are too sweet! Thank you for the shout out, love! Xo

  10. YHL!

  11. I’m such a bad blogger at the moment! When I’m back on the wifi I will definitely hop over more!
    Did you have a nice valentines day?? Thanks so much for sharing my blog! :-)
    Lots of Love, Claudia

  12. What a fantastic idea!! Stacey, I like what happens when your thinking cap goes on :)

    Some of my most read blogs? Apart from yours, and

  13. Awwww, sweet Stacey! I saw this post too late… You’re such a sweetie to include me in your favorite blogs! Thanks for the sweet shout out! :-) And a very late but happy Valentine to you too!!
    I hope you’re doing ok? Sorry for not coming sooner to your blog or commenting regularly, but I have been so busy prepping and getting everything in order for the new baby boy to arrive that I lost track of regular blogging, let alone find the time to comment on my favorite blogs… As I’m getting closer to giving birth I feel much more tired, and that’s why I don’t always come online to blog.
    And if you ask me my most read blogs apart from yours and Claudia’s, I also love to read Bright Bazaar’s blog and Decor8! :-)
    Wishing you a great week Stacey!!!
    Hugs, Inge x