The Sunday Currently, Volume 1

Good Morning! Good Morning!

Running Daydreams // Likes to Smile

(Image via Unsplash by Stefania Bonacasa)

I’m here! I hesitate to say “I’m back,” because I’m still trying to figure out new routines with my new job. I switched from working in television to working in social media (loving it)! But… it’s a lot of new. New organization. New industry. New schedule. New commute to work.

I had forgotten how it feels to have so much to adapt to when you begin something new. Even amongst all the excitement, there are often moments of overwhelm. Even with the little, seemingly inconsequential things, like route to work. I’m amazed at how much my happiness changed once I figured out the route that works best for me. I finally settled on taking a bus to the subway to the office. I love that the 20 minutes on the bus (where my smartphone still works) lets me spend 20 minutes checking in with my friends on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and (sometimes) email. I even love that the 10 minute subway ride gives me 10 minutes with my Kindle app. Who knew I would end up liking my commute? It’s the little things.

While I haven’t blogged much, I have been on Twitter a lot. I miss you all, immensely, so if you are on Twitter, tweet me a hello! I’ll tweet back and I’d love to talk to you!

[And those that are bloggers… I miss reading your writing, too! Soon… I’ll catch up and you’ll wonder why I left you 10 comments in a row.]

Speaking of missing the blogging world, I thought the Sunday Currently was a great way to jump back in with an update. I’ve always loved reading all the blogs that participate.

Here goes my first attempt. This Sunday, I’m Currently….


Books for work! Last night, I finished Content Everywhere. The takeaway is to create excellent information that fits the needs of your brand and your readers, while making it easy for your readers to find and engage with your content.

I thought about blogging a lot while I was reading it. Let me know if you are interested in learning more, I’m thinking about writing a small post with Takeaway Lessons.


This blog! I miss writing here.


To Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” It’s incredible! It makes me wish Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon sang together every night. Goodbye Timberlake, Hello Billy!


I got a little bit arrogant at Physical Therapy this week (I mentioned my sports injury here) and was teasing my physical therapist that I wanted him to start me on running when I came for my next appointment. He looked at me and goes, “That is the goal, I just wasn’t going to tell you, because you get nervous and freak out.” First of all, man, does he know me well. Second of all… HALLELUJAH!!

I have a sense that it is still a long road to anything that resembles a one mile run, but, I’m just happy to be daydreaming about running shoes. I want really loud, bright, colorful running shoes.


Coffee! I think it’s time for another cup.


For summer.


That all my favorite people show up for the Deep Water Running class I am taking at the gym in about an hour. I haven’t been to the class in over a year, but I’m hoping the regulars still come. I’m not allowed to run on dry land, but running in the pool got the a-ok this week!

I’ve been looking forward to the class ever since I got the green light. #goalgetit


Very messy, slept on hair! It’s about to go under the mandatory “swim cap in the pool” in about an hour, anyways.


My new sheets! After wanting some new bedding for awhile, West Elm advertised an amazing sale and I scooped up this set in the pool color and this set! Here’s a photo of one set on the bed.

P.S. That photo goes to my instagram. I’m a huge instagram fan. If we aren’t insta-friends, let’s be!


Sconces for reading in bed. Next weekend, one of my super handy friends is coming to visit. I’m thinking I should purchase and have them delivered before he arrives. Honey do… I ever love you! I’ll trade you NY Pizza for installing a sconce? Fair trade?! I’ll add in some NY Bagels, too!


More coffee.


Happy to be spending time writing a blog.

And tell me! What are you currently doing this Sunday? I want to hear all your day and everything I’ve missed while I’ve been adapting a my new world. Looking forward to catching back up!

Speaking of looking forward to catching up, I haven’t been writing this blog as much lately. But I have been on social. Are we friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? If not, please friend me! I’d love to stay in touch.

Until tomorrow!! I have another post scheduled for tomorrow. Woo to the hoo!



  1. I’d love to hear more about Content Everywhere! It sounds like it’s something that I could benefit from! I love those sheets! I’m sad the pool ones aren’t available online anymore. They would have looked great with my duvet! So glad to see you back blogging. My Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays haven’t been the same :)

    • Hello hello!

      Thanks for the vote on Content Everywhere! I think a blog is in the works.

      Maybe the pool ones are still available in stores? Maybe you can call a store or two and ask them to ship it to you? I’ve done that before. Then we can be sheet twins! :)

      And thanks for welcoming me back! I missed you!


  2. Welcome back Stacey! I would love to hear more about Content Everywhere. It sounds like your new job in social media will also benefit your blogging. I still have a lot to learn so any information you share on your blog is greatly appreciated. I’m slowly starting to use instagram, but my favorite form of social media is still Pinterest. I love collecting ideas.

    • Hi Dawn!!

      I’m so amazed about your love for Pinterest. It is admittedly my least favorite of all the social sites. I love it when I’m planning something, but not for browsing. Weird, huh? I think Twitter or Instagram are my favorites. Those are always the ones I check first.

      I think I will definitely do the Content Everywhere blog. Stay tuned!

      And thanks for the happy welcome back!


  3. Hi Stacey!

    So glad to have you linking up this week! I’ve recently gotten back into blogging, too, & it feels so good to be getting back into a routine. I hope your new work commute & routine continues to be a smooth transition. Little things running smoothly always make me really happy, too!

    Also, Content Everywhere sounds like a really informative read. I think I’m going to have to check it out!

    – Lauren

    • Hi Lauren!

      I was so excited to link up last week and am hoping to get enough work done today to have time to do a little Sunday Currently this evening! It’s such an amazing link up! And I hear you on getting back into the routine. I thought I had it a bit more figured out than it turns out I do… Oh my. Next time!

      Let me know if you read Content Everywhere! I’d love to discuss!


  4. Hi Stacey
    Glad to read that you are enjoying your new job.
    Your smile blog makes me smile.


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