2014 Spring Must List

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I’m back from my hiatus (read all about that here) with one of my favorite columns! It’s time for the Spring Must List! A collaboration between Allyssa Barnes and Likes to Smile.

This is the post where we list 5 Spring Musts on my blog and 5 different Spring Musts on Allyssa’s blog. Speaking of which… have we all geeked out over her updated blog enough yet?! Totally gorgeous. Totally filled with usable tips. It is so amazingly Allyssa. I kvell. Go check it out. But first….

2014 Spring Must List


Read 5 of our 10 Spring Musts:


Allyssa: The Happiness Project. It’s been on my to-read list for awhile now, but Spring just feels like the perfect time to finally sit down and read it.

Stacey: The One and Only. Emily Giffin’s newest book officially hits store shelves on May 20th. I’ve already pre-ordered it. Guaranteed to be a Likes to Smile Book Club pick. What’s your favorite Emily Giffin book?


Allyssa: Divergent! I absolutely loved the book so I’m so excited to see it on the big screen!

Stacey: The Other Woman. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann?! I’ll buy the movie ticket for the cast alone.


Allyssa: Anywhere! I don’t travel often so at this point, I’ll take what I can get!

Stacey: My dream vacation always consists of bathing suit weather and the ability to swim. I might just have to book myself a Florida escape.


Allyssa: Frozen yogurt. The weather is finally starting to semi-cooperate, which means I don’t have to freeze to get my froyo fix!

Stacey: Allyssa is spot on! Frozen yogurt for the win. I’m a huge fan of 16 Handles graham cracker frozen yogurt topped with crushed oreos and bananas. Delicious!


Allyssa: Ballet flats. After spending all winter wearing boots, I’m just dying to dust off my collection of ballet flats.

Stacey: Running shoes. This girl has gotten herself back to the gym!

Can’t you just feel the sunshine? A return to blogging. Some Spring Musts. It’s going to be a good, good week. Make sure you check out Allyssa’s blog for the other 5 Spring Musts!

Loving the must list and wanting to see prior editions? You’re in luck! Here’s the 2013 Summer Must List, the 2013 Fall Must List and the 2014 Winter Must List. Woo to the hoo! It’s been a full year of musts!

And you? What is your must read, must see movie, must travel to, must eat and must wear? I must know!

Until next time!



  1. The Other Woman sounds great! Such a great cast too! And graham cracker frozen yogurt?! I need to get myself to a 16 Handles, stat!

    I can’t believe it’s been a whole year of musts! That went by much too fast!

    • Hi hi!! We should totally make our next movie date be “The Other Woman” and then we should go out for graham cracker frozen yogurt!! And the year did go by so fast! Oh my! xoxo

  2. I love this feature! So cute! If you’re headed to Florida for a vacation, I know a blogger who would love to chat over tea or coffee. 😉

    • Oh! Thanks so much Angel! I love this feature, too. And I will definitely let you know if I come to Florida, I would also love to get a cup of coffee or tea! xoxo

  3. Glad you are back!!! I can’t stop thinking about the graham cracker frozen yogurt topped with crushed oreos and bananas!!! I’ll take that!!

    • Hi Adri!

      You’ll definitely have to try that flavor out during your next visit to 16 Handles! It’s incredible!!


  4. Thanks for telling me about The One and Only… so excited about a new book of hers. And I love froyo too! Unfortunately, its not that easy to come by here. :(

    • Hey there! Oh no! That is so sad. Froyo is my favorite summer go to!

      Glad to know I’ll have company in reading The One and Only!