Smiles, Quotes and Links #5

Hi Friends!

Enjoy Every Moment // Likes to Smile

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Ever since I came back from Mexico, I keep daydreaming about finding a way to get myself to another tropical destination for President’s Day weekend. Most likely, that will remain a daydream. But I am trying to think up some equally wonderful things I would enjoy doing every moment during that weekend in NYC. What could you do that would make you enjoy every moment (even if for a short amount of time)?

And now for some link love. I swoon for:

1) This Je Te Desire Valentine’s Day DIY. Je t’aime!

2) I overuse “Je T’aime.” Which obviously means, this would be a perfect Valentine’s Day present for me.

3) David Bruton: substitute teacher and Denver Bronco’s safety. The substitute teaching has me super impressed.

It’s a light week, admittedly. I’m still trying to figure out my new routine with the new job (still wonderful).

My favorite thing that happened this week was Wednesday’s post where I chatted with you. I love hearing about you because I will never, ever be able to articulate how warmed my heart is by the fact that you read my ramblings here.

So one more question for all of you for some smiles this weekend:

Next Friday is Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it?

I love a good Valentine’s Day, First Grade style. The kind where you give every friend a nice note and everyone feels the same amount of love. I even appreciate the teachers for making sure everyone made one for everyone else. Group unity. Inclusion. The best kind of Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of remarkable teachers: this one wins a prize. I believe she is saving lives.

Until next time!


Smiles, Quotes and Links #4

Happy Friday Friends!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! I had a second great week at work and have a sense that I’m going to be very happy in my new position.

Wandering Heart // Likes to Smile

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Have you ever thought about where your brain goes when it daydreams? Such an interesting idea, right?! I keep catching myself being all, “A-ha self! Caught you thinking about that now!” Try it. It’s fun.

And now for the Smile List portion of this post… links I swooned over this week:

1) Just treat everybody like it is their birthday.

2) I’m debating putting this bench at the bottom of my bed.  Love at first sight.

3) Is anyone making brownie burgers for a superbowl party this weekend?

4) Feel good, look good.

5) I want to try my hand at this stamp embossed pillow, but I would make a tent stamp much like this one I made.

6) Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark. You had me at HELLO!

7) Obsessed with this artwork that Design Lovefest built this colorfest around (and the yellow tray is scrumptious, too)!

8) I’m still trying to figure out what bedding/sheets I want. But I fell in love with the mix of all white textures on this bed. Gorgeous!

9) Wednesday night I tweeted that I was desperate to find this happiness print and Allyssa tweeted back the source. She dug for it. That’s a good friend. Thank you so much, Allyssa!

10) Know what I’m looking forward to on Monday?! Who guessed it? Claim your guesses in the comments. If you guessed Book Club, you’re right! Join in. You can read it in one weekend, I read it in one day in Mexico. Do it. You’ll love it. Then come back on Monday to discuss.

And you? What are you smiling over this week?

Until next time!


Smiles, Quotes and Links #3

Fun // Likes to Smile

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Happy Friday Friends!

I started a new job this week and have spent the week getting acclimated. I even woke up insanely early on Tuesday morning with that giddy first day of school feeling. A good friend and I were texting and she said, “the first day of a new job that I don’t have butterflies is the first sign I’m in the wrong place.” So insightful, right?!

Everything in my gut is telling me that I’m in the right place. It was an incredibly inspiring first week.

I have no links to share this week. Just big smiles.

Meanwhile…if you are looking for some weekend reading, Likes to Smile Book Club discussion of Dollface is on for February 3rd. True fact: the post is already written!

And you? I would love to hear: what made you smile this week? Anyone else feeling like they are in the right place? What really great blog posts did I miss this week? Please feel free to leave links in the comments, I would love to read them!

Until next time!


Smiles, Quotes & Links #2

Happy Friday!! Welcome to my list of all the things that are inspiring me this week! Clearly, exclamation points make the list. Woo to the exclamation point hoo!


My #inspiremefriday contribution this week is the above. It’s a reminder to myself to find more moments for laughing with friends. Hopefully this weekend. Shout-out to the #inspiremefriday gals: Eileen, Alicia and Jenn!

What do you have planned for the weekend? I’m planning to spend some time writing out my blogging goals for 2014. I’m also going to the movies and reading LOTS of magazines and books!

Link love for the week:

1. What’s an entrepreneur?

2. Katie posted this awesome link to her dipped nightstands in my bedding blog. I have to shout it out because now I want those night stands.

3. My favorite twitter hashtag of the week.

4. Now this is what I call a Barbie dream house! My favorite part is the pink acrylic chair. What’s yours?

5. On how to ask better questions.

And you? What made you smile this week? What links were you loving? I didn’t read as many blogs this week because I was in Mexico, but I’m back now and eager to catch up on what I missed!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Until next time!


Smiles, Quotes and Links #1

I’m still playing around with the format of that old Smile List. Right now, I’m loving a quote and a list of thinks that make me smile. I’ll keep with that until I find another tweak I like more.

Create Moments // Likes to Smile

This year I resolved to find more reasons to dance in the street. And to create more moments. This is my addition to this week’s #inspiremefriday; where a great group of gals (hello Eileen, Jenn and Alicia) all share inspirational quotes on Twitter. Jump in on the conversation – everyone is lovely and it’s fun! A few quotes, some conversation, some delight! Inspiration, for the win.

Speaking of inspiration, let’s talk about all the amazing things making me smile these past couple of weeks:

1) Eileen posted this instagram, which reminded me that I love the gym and don’t need guilt to get myself there. It was the perfect start to my own, personal #goalgetit campaign. Thank you, Eileen!

2) Jenn inspired me to declare 2014 the “Year of Stacey,” after reading why she declared it the “Year of Jenn.” Ah-mazing.

3) Allyssa is reading 50 books this year. I couldn’t be more excited to join in.

4) Jess posted a list of 10 books to read to help keep resolutions.

5) Tina and Amy host the Golden Globes this weekend. Who’s watching with me?!

6) I’m contemplating making a no-sew resolution banner! It could say “Dance In The Street!”

7) Alicia posted the body resolution, where every Monday in January, she’ll post a blog talking about a different way to love your body. I can’t wait to watch this series unfold. Here’s the second post.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Surprise! I’m in Mexico (look who made that must happen). I loaded up my Kindle with more books than you can imagine and have daydreams of relaxing in the sunshine. Real rest. Real relaxation. Creating some moments for myself. Hey, look who’s keeping her New Year’s resolution, already!

And you? What’s making you smile this week?

Until next time!